Wooden Beads Bracelets

  • Wooden beads are a staple in jewelry design in India. The wide range of woods and designs make for a seemingly endless number of bracelet options. The elegant influences of Indian jewelry design make these bracelets some of the most sought after. Wooden beads bracelets, along with intricately designed indian jewelry, are a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection, and their quality will undoubtedly shine through.
  • There are many types of woods available in the countryside of India. Some of these woods are common place, while others are much more exotic. The different wood types give beads different appearances, hardness, color, and weight. The harder the wood is the more difficult it is to work with, so people should expect to pay a premium for hard woods.
  • Just as there are many types of woods, the various wooden beads bracelets can be created using traditional round beads, tubular beads, oval beads, or just about any shape imaginable. Beads may be decoratively carved by hand or even entirely hand made. People should expect to pay a premium price for purely hand made beads, especially if they are small beads or hardwood beads.
  • There are more elements in a bracelets design than just the wooden beads. Bracelets must also have a good stringing arrangement, to hold the beads together. Traditionally this was done with thin pieces of leather, sinew, or woven string. Now, there are more varieties of materials to use. Thin plastics can be used to lower the costs even elastics are used to give the bracelets more stretch. Leather is still used in traditional pieces, especially those that are hand made.
  • Pendants are a common decoration for among the wooden beads jewelry can be decorated with one or perhaps multiple pendants. Some pendants or charms are wood, but they can be made of any material. A common compliment to wooden beads is metallic beads or charms. Sometimes stone beads will be used for a more natural look, stone pendants can add a primitive flair to wooden beads bracelets.
  • There is almost an endless number of styles of wooden beads jewelry. The most simple is a single strand with larger beads. This style of bracelet may be plain, or may have some charm attached to it. Multi strand bracelet are also available, but are typically more costly. The small wooden beads are strung on several cores that are twisted and braided together. This style can be more expensive and often has to compete with its lower quality, lower priced plastic bead counterpart.
  • The biggest problem with wooden beads bracelets is cost versus quality. Common woods lower the price but take away the unique look and feel. Wooden beads bracelets that use unique woods may have trouble with export or may cost a great deal more. Many people that collect bracelets are willing to go through the extra expense to get a unique wooden piece.
  • Care and cleaning of the wooden beads jewelry is a simple matter. Clean them with oils, to keep the luster of the wood and provide moisture to the beads as well. Make sure of what material the beads are strung together with. Different string types may not be able to have the same cleaning agents used on them. Always ask the seller of the best way to care for the individual piece.