Classy Wallets for Women

A wallet, also known as a billfold, refers to a small flat case that is used by people to carry personal items such as money, credit cards, photographs, business cards, and other items of daily usage. Wallets for women also include items of regular use such as make up items, a cream, hand sanitizers and a pocket mirror. Though wallets are generally made using leather, in some cases other materials are also used. Wallets are pocket sized so as to easily fit in one’s pocket or handbag.

The first wallets were developed during the renaissance period of the 17th century. They were developed after the introduction of paper currency. Before the introduction of paper currency, coin purses (usually made using leather and drawstrings) were used for storing gold, silver and copper coins. The earliest wallets were made using cow or horse leather and usually included a small pouch inside. With the beginning of the 19th century, wallets started gaining more usage. This was a time when they were used for storing everything ranging from money to important pieces of paper such as letters or documents. In the current times, the wallet has evolved tremendously. The most common variation of a wallet nowadays includes multiple card slots, an open space and multiple zipped pockets.

Though wallets started out as a western invention, they have now been adapted by Indians as well. This has happened for two reasons. Firstly, it is because wallets are extremely useful for day to day functioning and secondly, it is because they also happen to be very stylish. Also, with more and more women taking up jobs and working outside, women’s wallets have started to become a common sight. As such, cute wallets for women have become very popular for two reasons. Firstly, they prove to be extremely useful and functional and secondly they help women look more presentable and stylish.

There are many different types of designer wallets for women that they can opt for. For starters, there are bi-fold and tri-fold wallets they can choose to carry. Bi-fold wallets are a type of wallet in which banknotes are folded over only once and credit cards and identity cards are stored vertically or horizontally. On the other hand, tri-fold wallets contain two folds in which credit cards are generally stored vertically. Then there are wrist wallets that can be secured to the wrist to keep one’s hands free. These prove to be useful and stylish. Another type of wallet that women can opt for is known as a secretary wallet. In this wallet, banknotes cannot be folded and as such it is best suited being placed in a handbag.

In India, there are many materials that can be used to make wallets for women. The primary material that is used, thought, is leather. Leather wallets for women can be of two types, pure and fake. Pure leather refers to leather that is solely made using animal skin whereas fake leather uses a combination of fake leather and plastic. Apart from leather, wallets are also made using other materials like velvet and silk. The primary reason for this is embroidery. Since embroidered wallets are pretty popular in India, they are made using a material on which embroidery can be done possible, such as silk or velvet. Phulkari or Zari work done on silk wallets looks incredibly stylish and appealing. Women’s designer wallets also come in a variety of sizes. From small clutches for special occasions to large women’s wallets for day to day usage, cool wallets for women are available in multiple sizes.

Elegant Women’s wallets

While carrying cool wallets for women is going to help create a stylish and fashionable look, it is easy to make an even bigger impression by pairing it up with other outfits. For starters, a small women’s wallet or clutch in gold or silver is going to complement a dark georgette saree with gold or silver border beautifully. Similarly, a silk saree in a light shade will beautifully go well with a wallet or clutch in a dark shade. Women’s clutch wallets in gold or silver will also create a wonder contrast with a black net saree. When one is looking for wallets for women online, with Phulkari embroidery done on them, they should also look for a salwar kameez with resham embroidery, as they would both complement each other beautifully.

Mostly, a wallet looks best with a modern contemporary outfit. A plain leather wallet would look really good with tunics in pastel colors. For corporate or office wear, a leather wallet is going to be the perfect accessory to carry with a pastel tunic and plain leggings. Wearing modern footwear is also advisable, when carrying leather wallets.