Versatile and Stylish Wedge Heels

Versatile and Stylish Wedge Heels

Wedge heels, as the name suggests, are shoes that come with wedge shaped heels. They are distinguished by the fact that the wedge runs under the foot from the heel all the way to the front, rather than only near the heel. Typically the wedge is somewhat triangular, similar to a solid block and is one with the sole of the foot. This proportion creates a very unique look.

People often think of wedge heels footwear as having high heels, but in fact, they can have low heels as well. The heel length can vary but the distinctive shape and size of it is what characterizes the wedge heels shoes.

This is a western type of shoe that was first popularized by Salvatore Ferragamo in Italy in the 1930s. It became a wide spread and commonly worn type of shoe in the 1970s but really became trendy only in the 2010s. Today, they have become a popular form of footwear in countries across the world.

Women’s wedge heels can be of many different types and styles, depending on the design, colors and patterns used. Typically high wedge heels come with a tapering wedge heel from the heels to the tip of the toe, though women can also find block heels only in the heel area.

Comfortable wedge heels with low heels are often preferred by women for casual or daily wear as this allows them to get some height in their look without giving up on comfort. The unique, chunky look of ladies wedge heels is what draws many fashionistas to this form of footwear and it cannot be denied that they are extremely trendy at the moment.

However, the comfort and flexibility that this type of footwear offers is really its USP. Wedge heels provide height and the necessary elegance, grace and stateliness which are required to carry off evening-wear outfits. But at the same time, wedge heels for women have a design that makes them very easy to manage and pull off. No balancing act is required and walking around them is a breeze.

Wedge heels can have many different types of designs even in the vamp and front area of the shoe. Wedge heels sandals with open toes are a popular option for party wear because of their low-key yet elegant look.

Peep-toes, closed toe shoes, round toes, square toes and pointed toes are all commonly seen variations in wedge heels. The vamp can be smooth and blank, similar to pump heels, or they can come with ankle straps, criss-cross straps or mary jane straps; women will even find wedge boots with heels that can come with Velcro, zip or shoe lace tie-ups across the vamp.

Dressy wedge heels often come in beautiful and interesting variations. The material of the wedge heel makes a huge difference to how the shoe looks. Wood and cork are two common materials used to make lightweight and manageable wedge heels. These have a slightly informal look and are typically worn by younger women for more informal parties.

Wedge heels can also come in more formal avatars; they can be made of gleaming patent leather, soft and pretty suede or affordable and durable plastic. Various types of synthetic materials and fabrics can also be used to give the shoe a different look. Often, Indian-inspired wedge heels make use of fine leather work, to create the typically ethnic look and combine that with bright and attractive patterns made with embroidery and beads work. Other types of embellishments such as crystals, bows, glittering shapes and animal motifs can also be seen in dressy wedge heels intended for parties and formal wear.

Trends and Styling Wedge Heels

Women’s wedge heels have become a fashion staple of the new millennium generation. Women love the easy comfort and effortless style of wedge heels. This is precisely why they tend to stock up on many different types for different occasions. That said, wedge heels are actually quite versatile and can be easily mixed and matched with different types of outfits.

A single pair of tan-colored leather wedge heels with a minimalistic design can be used to accessorize office looks daily but will also serve as a great addition to an evening-wear outfit. These can even be worn with ethnic clothing such as sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga cholis.

Wedge heels in a complementary color add the style, height and structure which is required when wearing a saree; they also beautifully enhance the drape of the outfit. Since sarees are already quite tricky to wear and manage, wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is real boon.

When styling with wedge heels, it is important to keep the look youthful and bright, as this is the vibe of these types of shoes. Brightly colored and decorated outfits naturally look better with fun and stylish wedge heels.