Fabulous Wedding Clutch Purse

Fabulous Wedding Clutch Purse

For parties and other special occasions where women have to dress up in glamorous dresses and elaborate clothing, the most appropriate handbag style is the clutch. For a formal occasion like a wedding, the clutch is a must-have item in the wardrobe of any women attending and is especially appropriate for the bridesmaids. That is why designers have come up with a special range of wedding clutches which are suited for wearing with different types of wedding outfits. The wedding clutch has to be more sophisticated than a regular party clutch though the level of decoration and glamour depends on the outfit.

Essentially, wedding clutch bags, like any other clutch bags are there to make the life of women easier at an exciting yet stressful occasion like a wedding. For such events, a large handbag would not only be cumbersome, it would also look awkward and out of place. At the same time, certain necessary items like make-up, keys and mobile phones have to be carried on the person; for bridesmaids, such items can be their life-line as they have many duties to carry out. In this situation the wedding clutch bag is the perfect solution as it is convenient and useful without diminishing the elegance and beauty of their look, which is of utmost importance at a wedding. In fact a wedding purse can often be the final finishing touch that is needed to complete the perfect wedding look.

A major reason for this is that nowadays, designers are coming up with clutch wedding purses which are much more than functional or even decorative; they are subtle yet attractive additions to an outfit that can be used to dress up or tone down the look as per the wishes of the wearer. A clutch style wedding handbag will typically be quite small and easy to carry with one hand. The shape can vary greatly, from round or square to rectangular or oblong or even asymmetrical. Some bags have a hard surface which is covered with some kind of material; such clutches usually come with a clasp. A new style is a hard back clutch with a handle, which is especially popular at weddings as it is so easy to carry. One can find the ‘snap’ clutches where the ‘knob’ is part of the tasteful decoration on the handbag as well as the traditional purse clutches with a Velcro or button fastening detail. Others may be soft and malleable, made of thick layers of fabrics. The latter are usually opened with a draw-string, like a pouch. There are a lot of choices in terms of fabrics as well. One of the most popular wedding fabrics is silk, because of its soft feel and lustrous look, and naturally this is a common fabric for wedding clutches as well. On the other hand, a wedding is a good time to go with the most luxurious options, so one can find clutches made of brocade, velvet, satin and organza as well. For classic weddings, soft, feminine colors might be the best bet though one can also find bright, multi-hued bags for more vibrant wedding outfits. Typically, most wedding clutches will come with a bit of embellishments or embroidery, made of stones, sequins or even pearls.

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There are certain clutch ‘styles’ which are very popular for weddings. For instance, vintage clutches decorated with beads go beautifully with most understated wedding dresses. On the other hand, Indian style clutches with intricate embroidery made of Resham and Zari look best with ethnic wedding outfits. These come in a wide range of colors and styles, from dazzling, multi-colored jewel studded clutches to elegant cream and gold embroidered purses.

One can even get a special wedding clutch for bride wear, even though it would not be a part of her look as she carries out the important ceremonies. Nevertheless, a bride too has a need for a bag of some sort and these clutches are specifically designed to match with the most resplendent bridal outfits.

Trending Wedding Clutch Purses

When styling a wedding look, it is important to choose a wedding clutch that complements the outfit and even adds something to it, but does not overwhelm it in anyway. Wedding handbags should match the color or colors of the wedding dress; the dramatic contrasting trend is not suitable for weddings. Women also sometimes match the details on the clutch to the designs on the dress; for example, a beaded clutch can pair with a beaded lehenga choli. However it is important to remember to pick clutches which won’t snag or cause tears, and are the appropriate size. In the case of wedding purses for bride use, a luxurious fabric with the most ornate designs would be the best choice.