Fabulous and Trendy Shoes

Footwear is a practical necessity that has been a part of human culture since time immemorial but it is also, today, a crucial part of fashion and style. For many centuries, women as well as men have been using fabulous and fashionable footwear to show off their personal style and make a statement about their status in society. Trendy shoes are essentially shoes that are considered the most stylish in that time period. The category of trendy footwear is quite a vast one as it includes a number of different shoes that are considered stylish. With every season, new styles come into the market; and moving from country to country, trends change based on the regional preferences.

The appeal of having trendy footwears is multi-fold. Firstly, it is a great way to add a dash of style and fashion to the most ordinary of looks. The most fashionable of looks can be ruined because of an ungainly pair of shoes. Secondly, wearing trendy shoes makes a clear statement to the world about the style and status of the wearer. It can end up making the wearer feel confident and beautiful, ready to take on the biggest problems in the world.

There are many different types of trendy shoes for men as well as women. Patent leather shoes are the most formal type of men’s trendy shoes, typically reserved for special occasions and office wear. Most of the trendy shoes for men are made with leather, both polished and unpolished. The beautiful brown-red leather shade is often preferred by those with earthy, simple tastes, while men who want to stand out from the crowd often go for different colors and designs.

Trendy shoes for women can also be made of leather, though other materials like cork, wood and plastic are equally popular. Some of the trendiest varieties include the different type of high heels such as stilettos, pumps and platforms, as well as mid to low heel shoes such as kitten heels. These types of trendy footwear for women are typically reserved for special or formal occasions. In daily wear, more comfortable women’s trendy shoes are popular, such as open toe sandals, ballet flats or flip-flops. Nowadays, women love experimenting not just with the heel on the shoe but also with the shape of it. For instance, toe ring shoes (inspired by the toe-ring design on ethnic footwear) are extremely popular beach wear shoes at the moment while v-shaped shoes with straps are preferred for office or daily wear. Women’s trendy footwear also includes many gorgeous and dazzling varieties of designs and patterns. From criss-cross straps to gladiator tie-ups, from buckled mary-janes to graffiti sneakers, the variety is tremendous. Ethnic embellishments such as beads, embroidery and stone studded designs have also become quite popular.

A common misconception about trendy footwear is that it necessarily has to be very expensive and high end. While it is certainly true that many of the latest trendy footwear for men as well as women comes from high fashion designer runways, there are also many new trends that originate from regional or ethnic sources and are hence much cheaper.

For instance, many of the faux leather mojaris, jutis and chappals from India that have become such a crucial part of bohemian fashion in the west, are actually very cheap trendy shoes. Though extremely good quality, Indian shoes, even those made with the best leather and most intricate embroidered and embellished designs, tend to be much more affordable than designer creations. They are therefore a great investment for any ethnic fashionista’s wardrobe. Hand crafted leather mojaris, bead embellished jutis and beautifully embroidered Kolhapuri chappals have become huge part of men’s trendy footwear as well.

Styling it Right

Whatever the style of shoe being worn, women should be careful to style it right. The trendiest shoe will fall flat if worn with the wrong ensemble. A good rule of the thumb is to make sure the trendy footwear complements the dress. This need not always refer to matching colors. For instance, colors like black, beige, white or grey are considered ‘neutral’ and can therefore be matched with different colored dresses. If the dress being worn has extensive work done on it, the type of work can be matched to the style and designs of the shoe. Nowadays, color blocking has also become a huge trend and many women love to wear pair up contrasting colors in the footwear and upper-body garment.

It is important to remember that footwear affects the aesthetic of the look not just in terms of colors and designs, but also in terms of the drape and fall of the outfit. For instance, garments like saree have to be worn with high heels in order to create a graceful fall for the elegant outfit. With casual wear kurtis and tunics, trendy shoes with no heels are the best choice.