Distinctive Design of Toe Ring Footwear

Distinctive Design of Toe Ring Footwear

Toe ring sandals are a unique kind of footwear that come with a distinctive toe-ring shaped thong which passes around the big toe of the foot, creating a look similar to the toe ring. This toe ring shaped thong is attached to the sole and can either stand alone or be attached to a larger band that runs over the arch of the foot. The toe ring sandal is halfway between the an open toed sandal and a close toe shoe as it does leave the toes open to the elements but also holds the toes in place via the ‘toe-ring’. Toe ring shoes are an extremely popular type of footwear around the world, as they have a unique look and are very comfortable as well.

Toe ring sandals from India come in wide variety of colors, designs and patterns. This is because the toe ring design was first used for shoes here in India. Toe rings are a traditional part of Indian jewelry sets, and their look was first incorporated into toe ring sandals for women by rural artisans. In fact many of the traditional types of footwear in India consider the toe ring design a necessary part of the pattern of the shoe. In recent years toe ring sandal shoes have become famous around the world and are much appreciated for their cool look. They are worn by women as well as men for all kinds of occasions, including casual, semi-casual and formal events.

In India, leather is the preferred material for creating all types of traditional footwear. One of the most famous types of leather shoes in India are the Kolhapuris chappals which are essentially leather toe ring sandals. They are crafted by skilled artisans who have inherited the art of shoe-making from their ancestors. Kolhapuris, though always made of leather, are often covered with fine embroidery and embellishments done on the leather itself or on a fabric that covers the shoe. These are not just women’s toe ring sandals but can also be worn by men.

Besides the traditional varieties, a plethora of more trendy and modern options are available for women. Many of the toe ring flat sandals for casual or daily wear come with pretty embroidery or embellishments but they need not be Indian. They may be covered in interesting resham work as well as sequins or stones work; alternatively, the designs can be brought in by using artistically intertwining bands over the arch of the foot. Toe ring sandals can even be plain, but in a bright shade which creates a funky look for the shoe. Women can also purchase toe ring sandals with heel of different heights. They usually come with a back over the heel of the foot. One of the most popular varieties of footwear at the moment is the zip back sandal with a toe ring design which gives a funky modern edge to an elegant sandal. Those who want to add some height to their ensemble without dealing with the discomfort of wearing heels can opt for toe ring wedge sandals which come with chunky heels that provide more balance to the wearer.

It is not just the heel or arch of the shoe that has to be considered when purchasing a toe ring sandal. Women can also opt between different types of toe ring designs. The one toe ring sandal has a uniquely ethnic look, while the multiple toe ring sandal has a funkier, more modern look.

Styling Toe Ring Footwear

Toe ring sandals are a staple in ethnic fashion and have always been the preferred choice for traditional events in various parts of India. In recent years they have become a major fashion trend even in western countries with many designers adapting the toe ring pattern into their fashionable high-heeled sandals. Women prefer to wear toe ring sandals for casual wear but the more formal, ornate-looking varieties can also be worn for formal occasions.

This is the most popular type of footwear amongst brides in India for one simple reason: it allows them to show off their bridal foot decorations like toe rings, anklets and beautiful henna designs. With bridal lehengas and wedding sarees, women usually prefer toe ring sandals with heels while with salwar kameez toe ring flat sandals are commonly worn. Bridal wear toe ring sandals tend to be more ornate, with exquisitely embroidered designs and fine leather craftsmanship.

In terms of casual wear, toe ring sandals can be paired up with almost any type of Indian, western or fusion outfit. They can be worn with kurtas, kurtis, tunics, salwar kameez, sarees and shirts. Women usually invest in brown or black-toe ring sandals to wear on an everyday basis, as these are very versatile and will match with any color outfit.