Shining Beauty of Stone Necklaces

Shining Beauty of Stone Necklaces

Precious and semi-precious stones have been used to make ornaments and jewelry by humans for many centuries. In ancient times, these glittering stones were considered a status symbol and were often flaunted by men and women from the higher echelons of society. Nowadays, they are considered a very classy yet glamorous embellishment for any outfit. The most classic, popular type of stone jewelry is a stone necklace. Worn around the neck, necklaces are perhaps the most ancient of all jewelry types.

Stone necklaces are extremely popular amongst women of all ages because of their subtle combination of elegance and glamour. Women simply cannot resist the allure of shining jewels and the best part about stone necklaces for women is that they are not too high in cost. Though they have as much shine and beauty as precious gems like diamonds and rubies, semi-precious stones are not quite as rare and hence are priced much lower. Naturally occurring stones are quite rough and opaque but when properly polished and treated they take on the brilliant, shining hue for which they are so loved. However, there are also many gemstone bead necklaces which utilize unpolished or uncut stones for their unique look. This type of natural stone necklace is particularly popular in ethnic fashion where their earthy appearance is considered a bonus. At the same time, Indian jewelers also make extensive use of shining, well polished stones while western designers have recently taken to utilizing natural stones. It all depends on the aesthetic that is required for the accessory in question.

There are many different types and styles of stone necklaces to choose from. The stones used are crucial as they are often the main attraction. Popular semi-precious stones which are used to create beautiful and bedazzling stone necklaces include amethyst, opal, topaz, garnet, zircon, coral, turquoise, amber and peridot. A multi stone necklace can have the same type of stone to create a striking, single hue effect, or it can have stones of different colors to create a colorful, kaleidoscopic effect. On the other hand, women can also go for a single stone necklace in which a semi-precious gem, of a medium to large size, is prominently featured in the necklace. This single stone is often hung from a chain, similar to a pendant. It can be in different shapes and sizes, from a small and perfect globe to a large, dazzling star; typically, tear and heart shapes are the most commonly preferred styles in single stone necklaces.

The stones themselves can be either be shaped into beautiful beads and then strung together or be set into elaborate metallic settings. A stone bead necklace has a very classy, elegant look and can combine differently colored stone beads in one necklace to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Stone bead necklace designs typically focus on highlighting the beauty of the beads and their shape, size and clarity. When stones are set into intricately wrought gold or silver settings, their purpose is often to emphasize the designs on the settings. For instance, they may be used to create the eye on a peacock shape or the center and petals of a flower.

The most exquisite and beautiful variety is that of the handmade stone necklaces from India. These are beautifully hand crafted by Indian jewelry makers who are well acquainted with the ancient jewelry making styles of India. Therefore, they have a very unique and ethnic look. Handmade stone necklaces are distinguished by their artistic look and exquisite attention to detail. Gemstones are an essential component of traditional Indian necklaces made in the Kundan and Thewa style. In Kundan necklaces, gemstones are set into pre-molded gold metal designs which have a very delicate and detailed look. The stones are used to complete the design which is crafted keeping in mind the final vision of the necklace as conceived the by the maker. These types of stone necklaces are quite heavy and traditional and are therefore a staple part of the Indian bridal trousseau.

Styling with Stone Necklaces

Stone necklaces have a very classy and stylish look which is why they never really go out of fashion. Women often choose to wear them with slightly more formal or fancy outfits. This is because stone necklaces do have a somewhat dazzling appearance which would be considered inappropriate for casual wear, unless it is in the form of a small sized pendant. Women can pair up their shining, party wear lehenga cholis with pretty stone necklaces made with gems in a matching shade; for instance, purple outfits can be worn with amethysts while blue outfits can be worn with turquoise. Alternatively, women can opt for visually pleasing contrast that will draw attention to the jewels being worn; for instance, a pale gold saree can be matched with an exquisite red stone necklace.