Stone Bangles For Loads Of Sparkle & Shimmer

As we already know India is a major manufacturer of different types of jewelry items, one of them is stone bangles. Whether the bangles are used to spruce up a professional or casual attire or they are used for adorning the walls of the home, stone bracelets are a great addition to almost anything. They are made in India, so the client can rest assured they are getting the real thing when making a purchase, whether it’s for personal wear or to complement the grandeur of Kundan jewelery.

The stone available for the making of the bangles includes precious gemstones, semi precious stones and rhinestones of various colors. The precious stones are rare, but they can be found for a price. For example, Jade, Peridot, Ruby, Onyx, Black Onyx, Pearls and more are all inlaid into the bracelets at the command of the clients. Additionally, these stone bangles can be made to order for special occasions.

Golden Stone Studded Bangle Set
Golden Stone Studded Bangle Set

Sapphires, diamonds, and others like these are typically harder to find, but they too can be set into a bracelet design should the client wish. More popular, however, is the rhinestone because it is relatively inexpensive to purchase. They can come in all the colors of the rainbow, and if one is ever lost from the setting, it can be easily replaced. For those seeking elegance and versatility, a pearl necklace set can beautifully complement the charm of these bracelets.

Designs Of Stone Studded Bangles

These beautiful bracelets can be worn on the wrists or the ankles and they come is a variety of designs and colors to suit every fashion need. The wrist stone bangles generally have a multi-color tone to them, or they are brightly colored as is the traditional Indian attire.

The various patterns available include traditional Indian shapes, swirls, vines, flowers such as the Lotus flower in various shades, religious shapes and figures and natural patterns much like the patterns of henna found on the skin of Indian women, not to mention the single colored bright neon bangles.

The stones are attached to the outer layer of the bracelet and hand-laid into one of the many designs. The settings assure that the stones will never dislodge. Whether for the ankle or the wrist, if a design is present, know that it was set by hand using only the most delicate of materials to achieve the perfect look of the culture and preserve the purity of the design within the stone bangles. This intricate craftsmanship is a testament to the elegance and tradition of Indian jewelry.

Stone Bangles Stone Studded Bangle Set American Diamond Studded Bangle Set

In the true nature of India, many of the stone bangles are typically fashioned after the traditional dress of the culture, which includes elaborate designs and colorings. Additionally, the stone bangles are worn many at one time, which is another reason why they are so very popular. When worn together, they make a jangling noise that many find soothing.

Wearing numerous bangles while attending a work conference or other such professionally based meeting could prove a bit annoying to the hosts and possibly the other guests as well because of the bangles they make. In situations such as these, it is best to wear only one or two at a time.

However, if a person is going to a party or other casual function, wearing as many bangle bracelets as they can is not out of the question. While this could prove to appear as a lavish move on their part, it would attract the attention of many who would become inquisitive about the traditional stone bangles from India and want to learn more about them, especially when they perfectly complement the charm of Indian wedding dresses.