Fashionable Stiletto Heels Shoes

Fashionable Stiletto Heels Shoes

Stiletto heels are extremely stylish types of shoes that come with a distinctively tall and thin heel with a very small diameter. These are named after a kind of Italian dagger called stiletto, which is known for its long, thin and pointy shape. Stiletto heels shoes have a very sharp and thin appearance that sets them apart. The heel can be anything between 1 to ten inches in height, while the width has to be less than half an inch at the ground. They usually have a slightly tapering shape that is broader at the top than at the bottom. When it comes to high-heel shoes, stiletto heels are distinguished by their tiny width as well as their composition. A true stiletto will be made solely of solid steel or an alloy. With other heels, the heel can be made of plastic-coated over a metal base as well.

Stiletto heels are considered one of the most stylish types of shoes in the world. They create a very attractive, elongated posture for the wearer’s figure and really make the most of women’s curves. They also enhance the drape of many different types of long dresses which is why they are in demand in high fashion circles. Just wearing a pair of fashionable stiletto heels can make a woman feel powerful and gorgeous. It is a statement of the grace and beauty of the wearer. Though it takes some time to get used to wearing them, stiletto heels are well worth the trouble. Today, they are a huge part of western as well as Indian footwear fashions and are paired with a variety of different ensembles.

There is a huge variety of stiletto heels available in the market for women to choose from. The shape of the shoe can vary from pointy v-shaped fronts to rectangular or rounded fronts. Open toe sandal stiletto heels are an extremely popular casual wear option while formal looking closed toe shoe style stilettos are usually worn with formal or party wear outfits. Boots, booties as well as ankle strap Mary Janes can come with stiletto heels. Generally, the extremely high stilettos heels with a heel of 5 inches or more are only worn with high fashion ensembles or for glamorous parties. Most women wear heels with a height of 3 to 5 inches. Cheap stiletto heels with heels lower than 3 inches are often preferred as a daily wear option by women who just can’t get enough of heels. These kinds of shoes are typically worn by women who work in formal offices where there is a strict dress code.

On the other end of the scale are the lavish designer stiletto heels. These are exclusively crafted by high-end designers who try to make them as fashion forward as possible. They are often very beautiful, hand-crafted shoes that are made using the finest quality leather and base materials. Women can choose between many different colors and designs, ranging from the classic, gleaming black stiletto heels to the glitzy and glamorous rhinestone stiletto heels.

Today, stiletto heels have also become popular in Indian fashion and are hence often featured in designer collections. They can be worn with Indian ensembles in their simple, western form, as long a complementary color is chosen, but designers have nevertheless come up with beautiful Indian designs as well. There are many cute stiletto heels made with Indian-style decorations, such as crystal-studded designs, embroidered patterns or sequins motifs.

Styling and Trends

Stiletto heels are often thought of as a high fashion type of footwear and while that is where their origins lies, they have today become a must-have wardrobe item around the world. They are often associated with a bold and glamorous aura and are hence preferred by women who have a similar aesthetic sense when it comes to their clothes. On the other hand, they are quite versatile in the sense that they instantly add a whole lot of style and pizzazz to the most ordinary of looks. They not only add to the height of the wearer but also define the calves and create the optical illusion of a long, taut figure.

This particular quality makes them particularly suitable to wear with sarees. They create a posture with which it becomes extremely easy to achieve an elegant saree look. Styling with stilettos is quite easy, even when Indian ensembles are being worn. Women can either opt for color blocking or color matching, depending on the vibe they want to create. For instance, with a sequin studded red sari, women can wear a pair of sizzling hot red stiletto heels as well as black, gold or silver stilettos.

Besides sarees, stilettos and heels can also be worn with other formal evening wear outfits that require high heels shoes such as floor-length anarkali suits and mermaid cut lehenga cholis.