Trendy Sling Bags

Trendy Sling Bags

Sling handbags are a type of handbag distinguished by the long straps with which they are slung from the shoulder, which impart a unique look to them. A sling handbag is often thought of as a modern or contemporary type of accessory but it is in fact quite ancient in its origins. A version of this handbag has been seen in ancient scriptures and paintings and it was often carried by the lower classes because of its convenience. Today, of course, sling handbags are considered in tune with the modern fashion and are carried by women across the world.

What sets a sling handbag apart is its long strap, attached at both ends to the main body of the bag. This long strap allows the bag to be ‘slung’ across the torso or from one shoulder. The strap typically fits the body closely and this snug fit allows the wearer a lot of freedom of movement. Sling handbags are immensely popular mainly because of the comfort and flexibility that they offer even while being an extremely fashionable and trending accessory. They have a hands-free design which makes carrying them around very easy and at the same time, they look much smarter than backpacks.

This type of bag can be carried by both men and women. Men prefer this bag mainly because of how convenient and practical it is. Men’s sling hand bags come in a variety of designs. One can find casual, sporty looking bags for everyday use as well as formal and smart sling bags made of leather. Typically, men’s sling handbags have a relatively simple and minimalist look without too many ornamentation or decorations, though nowadays the younger generation of men love sling handbags with digital prints which allow them to flaunt their interests and likes to the world.

Ladies sling handbags include a wide variety of designs and styles. Women can opt for western as well as ethnic handbags. Indian sling handbags are also called jholas and are distinguished by their use of vibrant colors, intricate embroidery work, Indian embellishments and ethnic motifs. Kashmiri embroidery, known for its use of colorful, thick and coarse woolen threads, is the most popular style of decoration used for casual wear, ethnic sling handbags, but other forms of work, such as mirror work, patch border work, aari work and booti work can also be used to lend the handbag a vibrant and ethnic look. Women also find simple yet smart looking leather sling handbags which are also very ethnic in their look and appeal. These are crafted by expert leather workers in rural areas who are skilled in producing the most beautiful leather products. Jholas, on the other hand, are made of cloth materials like cotton, jute and khadi. Both jholas and leather sling handbags are typically quite large in their sizes, ranging from large totes to medium sized handbags.

Women can also go for fancy designer sling handbags which are exclusively designed to match dressy ensembles. In fact, a sling or long strap can be added to any type of fancy handbag, from a clutch or pouch to an Indian polti. Designer sling handbags can therefore have all types of shapes, from a loose and soft pouch shape to a rigid, rectangular clutch shape. They typically have a very fine and luxurious look which is achieved by using expensive materials and intricate embellishments. Sling handbag designs can vary from sophisticated and elegant silk bags in light shades such as cream, to elaborately embellished velvet potlis with sequins or crystal work. Indian techniques such as zari, zardosi, Resham, cut dana, gota patti and aari work is often used to make the sling handbags more ornate in their look. Sequins, crystals, pearls and colorful threads are some of the most popular embroidery work and embellishments that are used to create exquisite looking designer sling handbags, which are the perfect accessory for parties.

Styling with Sling Handbags

Sling handbags are extremely trendy accessories because of their perfect combination of comfort, practicality, style and utility. Women can use them to accessorize all types of outfits, and though they are quite versatile, it is important to choose the right type of bag for different types of occasions. For instance, for a fancy wedding or party where a lot of movement and dancing might be required, designer sling handbags are the perfect solution as they are easy to carry and match the grandiosity of the occasion. Women should choose bags that feature similar designs as their outfit; a silk saree should be matched with a silk potli while a zari work lehenga can be matched with a zari work sling bag. The size of the bag should also be considered when styling. Sarees and lehengas should be matched with small and delicately designed bags. Jholas make the best accompaniment for casual outfits such as kurtas and tunics.