Pretty Sleeper Earrings

Pretty Sleeper Earrings

Sleeper earrings are one of the most interesting and convenient kinds of earrings that are available in the market. These are essentially small hoop shaped earrings that are clicked together to make them shut. They do not require any clasps or hooks. One end of the earring fits perfectly when inserted into the other end and all one has to do is bring them close together, press the ends together and wait for a slight click sound to know that they are closed properly. There is no fear of the earring opening or of the clasp falling out. Unlike with hook earrings, one does not have to worry about the earring falling out of the hole while dancing or walking around. More often than not, these earrings are used while women get piercings for the first time and want to wear hoop shaped earrings instead of studs. The main reason is that it is extremely easy to get these earrings on. They can be rotated occasionally to prevent infection and to dislodge any pieces of crusty blood that may be stuck near the original piercing itself, which goes a great way in ensuring the area stays clean.

Gold sleeper earrings are quite popular. There are two types of this earring; the first is made with real gold while the second is made with metal that is golden colored. Both are quite popular because they look great with all kinds of skin tones. These look especially great when worn on the nose as a nose ring, though they can obviously be used as proper earrings as well though in that case, one definitely has to buy them in a pair. These are used quite popularly by women across different age groups.

Similarly, silver sleeper earrings also come in two types. The first is made with real silver while the second is made with metal that is silver colored. Many women are known to get multiple piercings on their ears and the cartilage of the ears and fill them up with many silver rings that are made with the sleeper style. These look quite cool. These can be regular sleeper earrings or even hinged sleeper earrings, which require a slight hinge for the earring to be clasped on properly or worn properly as the hinge allows the earring to be maneuvered properly. One can also find beautiful pairs of gold hinged earrings as well as this is not just restricted to silver.

Contrary to popular belief, these earrings are not just designed for women, men can also wear them. When it comes to men’s sleeper earrings, these are made with plainer designs so that they don’t look too gaudy when worn by men. Most men wear them only on their ears in order to emulate their favorite Bollywood stars. However, there are some men who like facial piercings and wear these kinds of earrings on their nose or on their lips.

When it comes to small sleeper earrings, these are some of the most convenient forms of earrings, especially for women and men who don’t change their accessories or their earrings on a daily basis in order to make them match their outfits. For people like this, one of the most convenient types are the small silver sleeper earrings because they look great with different outfits, both Indian ethnic attire as well as indo western and western attire, which is why they are so popular and bought so frequently. These are a great change from the usual earrings that can be worn.

Styling with Sleeper Earrings

When it comes to sleeper earrings, these are extremely versatile accessories to wear and are extremely adorable to look at in any case. When paired with indo western attire, one can choose to wear it with any kinds of attire. Something as simple and pristine as a colorful tunic paired with interesting printed leggings can look great with these little earrings since it attaches a slightly casual look, which works well with these items. With them, women also like to use casual foot wear like flat flip flops as these look great with this ensemble.

On the other hand, these can also be paired with a variety of Indian ethnic attire. They can look great with a salwar kameez set with these earrings for a slightly casual look that can be worn on a daily basis. On the other hand, more formal items such as an anarkali suit or a saree. With these garments, it makes more sense to wear formal foot wear such as high heeled shoes like platform shoes because they add a lot to the whole look of the entire ensemble. These earrings are subtly very pretty and versatile and can definitely be worn on a daily basis.