Beaded Necklace For Every Mood. What's Yours?

Beaded Necklace For Every Mood. What's Yours?

Indian jewelry is renowned across the world for its exquisite designs, finely crafted pieces, and stunning variety. Many types of metals, stones and crafting techniques are utilized in India with every region having a certain special kind of jewelry they are known for. One of the most beautiful and popular types of jewelry from India is stone bead jewelry.

Stone beads are essentially semi-precious stones which have been shaped into smooth, round beads, making it easier to fit them into various intricate and beautiful designs. The idea of using stone beads for jewelry might be from India, but it has become well-known and much loved around the world. Western designers are also starting to use stone beads for jewelry, resulting in a plethora of dazzling options for women to choose from.

Jewelry designers use stone beads for jewelry of all types, from earrings and bracelets to anklets, nose-rings and mang-tikkas. However, the single most popular type of jewelry made using this technique is the stone bead necklace. This is probably because this is the accessory which best displays the kinds of intricate design that can be created using semi precious stones. These gemstone beaded necklaces are worn by women across India for special occasions as well as daily wear.

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A gemstone bead necklace can be simple or ornate. The simplest varieties that can be worn for daily wear are the pendants. These usually consist of a single chain with a large pendant hanging at the center. While the chain might be made of metal, the pendant is studded with pretty interlacing designs made with gemstones.

Alternatively, a single large bead or gemstone can be strung at the end of a chain. Another simple variety which is an excellent choice for daily wear is the chain style gemstone bead necklace. Here, the beads or gemstones are strung together, similar to the modern beads necklaces. The beads can either be exactly identical in shape, size and color (like a pearl necklace) or they can be mismatched. Gemstone beaded necklaces with beads in different hues and sizes have a very funky look and are extremely popular with the younger generation.

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Most of the expensive and traditional Indian jewelry styles can be made with semi precious stones. Indian craftsmen use stone beads for jewelry like Kundan that is quite ornate and might be worn for the most formal occasions. In fact gemstone beaded necklaces made in the Kundan style are probably the most popular traditional jewelry of India, as they are more affordable than the ones made with precious stones but are equally beautiful.

This type of stone bead necklace typically has a fine gold setting that is previously molded into intricate designs, that are then filled in with various semi-precious gems. This includes sparkling gems in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, red, green, purple and pink, as well as the classic white or transparent stones. Even black color beads are quite popular in Indian jewelry, especially the more modern varieties which women prefer to wear for parties and evening wear.

Whether simple or ornate, gemstone beaded necklaces always look very attractive. The designs used are usually quite detailed and delicate, with a lot of emphasis on the creation of Indian style motifs like peacocks, mangoes, flowers and trees. Women also love this type of jewelry because it is much more affordable than ‘real’ or ‘precious’ jewelry, but still looks very classy and elegant.

Styles and Trends

The usage of stone beads for jewelry is not a new trend thought it is considered extremely fashionable. This type of jewelry therefore has a traditional and trendy appeal for women. Stone bead necklaces have never really gone out of fashion and are a real asset to women around the year. They are extremely versatile, and can be used to dress up a simple office outfit or to add a subtle charm to a regal wedding look.

Moreover, there are many different varieties and women can easily find the perfect stone bead necklace for any type of occasion or look. The ones for more formal occasions, like Kundan necklaces, might be made of gold (either real or artificial) while the semi-formal and daily wear options combined stone beads with silver, brass, bronze and other less costly metals.

Gemstone beaded necklaces can be worn with a lot of different outfits. An ornate Kundan jewelry would be the perfect accompaniment to a stone studded wedding lehenga, while a white stone bead necklace is a classy accessory an evening wear outfit, like a sea green Anarkali salwar kameez with subtle beads or pearls work.

With casual outfits like a printed kurta, chiffon tunic or crepe salwar kameez, simple pendant necklaces studded with stone beads in a matching color would be a great option.