The Stylish Seed Bead Necklace

The Stylish Seed Bead Necklace

One of the most popular forms of jewelry that women like to wear regularly is a Necklace. Usually worn around the neck, it is made using a metal jewelry chain, though other items like strings or twines may be used too. Common features of any necklace usually include colorful stones (particularly, gemstones or jewels), wood, beads or corals. Many necklaces come with accompanying pendants as well. If these pendants have a small container, they are known as a locket.

The history of necklaces traces back to 40000 years, where they were considered to be an essential part of jewelry. Materials like durable vines, animal sinew, shells, bones, bird feathers and other natural materials were used to make these necklaces. With the dawn of the modern era, new metals started getting discovered and as such, necklaces started getting introduced into jewelry. This happened due to the availability of gemstones and precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires.

Necklaces are available in a variety of types, each having different and unique characteristics. Ranging from the collar necklace to the seed bead necklace, women have many different types to choose from. For instance, there is the chocker necklace that women can wear. Its defining characteristic is that it fits at the start of the neck. The choker necklace also resembles the collar necklace, although it is actually a lot more flexible. Women who are planning to wear a low-cut dress or blouse should definitely opt for a chocker necklace, although you can wear it with most of the other necklines as well. Resembling the choker necklace, the collar necklace is another one such type available to women. The defining trait of a collar necklace is that it is worn halfway up the neck. For women looking to accessorize an off-shoulder dress, the collar necklace is the ideal necklace to choose. For women looking for something different and unconventional, a lariat necklace is the best choice. A lariat necklace is essentially a long necklace that does contain a clasp. Instead, it can be easily circled around the neck, just like a scarf, leaving both strands hanging. Nowadays, there is another type of necklace that is fast becoming a fashion fad amongst women in India. Seed bead necklace patterns have become very trendy in India, and as such, more and more Indian women are choosing to wear them. These necklaces are made using little seed beads that are strung together using a thread or string and are considered to be extremely modish and stylish. Seed bead necklace designs are made using beads, a form of jewelry that was first used thousands of years ago.

Seed bead necklaces come in various styles and designs that women can opt for. For instance, women can go for a multi-strand seed bead necklace which, as the name suggests, includes multiple strands of beaded strings clinging together. Apart from this, women can also choose to go for a single-strand seed bead necklace, which includes just one strand of seed beads. Apart from the different designs, seed bead necklaces also come in a variety of different colors. From dark shades like blue, violet, and maroon to light shades like white, pink and yellow, women can find seed be necklaces in a variety of shades. Multi-strand seed bead necklaces also come in a combination of different colors struck together. For instance, a multi-strand seed bead necklace can come in color combinations like dark green and white, maroon and blue, black and white, and many more.

Exquisite Seed Bead Necklaces

While wearing a seed bead necklace is going to help you make a fashionable impression, women can pair them up with certain outfits to make an even better impression. For instance, women can pair their turquoise seed bead necklace with contemporary leggings and tunics that create a modish look. Nowadays, it has become a trend to pair up a long seed bead necklace with casual attire like tunics and salwar kameez. Women, who are planning to wear a georgette or silk saree for a cocktail dinner or party, can go for a dramatic statement by wearing a white seed bead multi-strand necklace.

Women are thinking of many different seed bead necklace diy ideas and, as such, are pairing up their necklaces with different accessories and outfits. For instance, a seed bead flower necklace is going to complement a Phulkari embroidered salwar kameez. Similarly, women can pair up their Gold Huggies earrings with a seed bead braided necklace for a modish and stylish look. Also, women can pair up their seed bead necklaces with oxidized silver dangling earrings to create a wonderful contrast.