Funky Seed Bead Bracelets

Funky Seed Bead Bracelets

Seed beads are, as the name suggests, beads that are small enough to be compared to the seeds in size. These tiny beads are used to make all kinds of jewelry pieces. They are also used to ornament clothes in the form of embroidery or embellishments. One of the most popular types of jewelry made with this type of ornamentation are the seed bead bracelets. They are essentially wrist accessories that are either slipped on or clasped. They are decorated with tiny, beautiful seed beads.

Seed bead bracelets are a huge part of bohemian fashion today. They are often associated with a happy, hippy and summery vibe. The beads are so tiny that they necessarily have to be arranged in different patterns in order to create a design for the ornament. Many people even choose to make their own by purchasing loose seed beads from the market. While this kind of ‘do it yourself fashion does have a certain raw appeal, the craft personnel has to really know the maneuvering of a seed bead bracelet. There is nothing worse than tacky, home-made jewelry especially when there are so many beautiful seed bead bracelets available in the market.. While creating this type of jewelry at home, it is prudent to look for easy seed bead bracelet patterns as they can be easily achieved at home.

There are many different kinds of seed bead bracelet patterns available. The most popular choice for daily wear are the simple seed bead bracelets. (They) utilize small, evenly sized beads in a single row against a similarly colored base. Other plain, simple seed bead bracelet patterns include ones where the seeds are sparsely scattered throughout a base material or fabric, or ones where a single string of seed beads in a muted color is strung together. The more fancy seed bead bracelet designs use brightly colored, metallic or translucent beads in varying sizes against different types of leather or metal substances. Alternatively, they can be used to emphasize or elevate certain types of designs and patterns. For instance, a design of a motif might be emphasized with the help of seed beads along (with) key points of the design or along the outline. This gives the design a very pretty, three dimensional beauty.

There are many different kinds of bracelets into which seed beads might be incorporated. The simplest varieties would be the single string beads in a similar color while braided seed bead bracelets implement multiple strings that are plaited together to create an intricate and pretty look for the accessory. This kind of design, when done with matte color beads against a leather base, is popular among (both) men (and) women. In fact, the small and subtle look of seed beads makes them a highly appropriate ornamentation for men’s wear accessories.

Patterns for seed bead bracelets can vary depending on the base design of the bracelet. The base material can vary from gold and silver to tin, copper, bronze and brass. It also includes artificial, plated or oxidized pure metals and alloys. With the linked chain type of bracelets, the seed beads are interspersed to create a beautiful, multi-hued effect while with softer bases like leather or cloth, thousands of beads may be used to create a very interesting design for the bracelet. These beads can be of varying hues and paired together just for the aesthetic contrast, while in other cases, the beads might be arranged to create a design, motif or pattern.

The main appeal of seed bead bracelets is that they are extremely versatile and adaptable. Though they are associated with a very relaxed, bohemian sense of style, they do in fact come in a million different varieties and styles. Ranging from abstract western patterns to pretty Indian motifs such as peacocks, fruits, flowers and mythological symbols, women can flaunt whatever vibe they want with this simple wrist accessory.

Styling and Trending Seed Bead Bracelets

Seed beads bracelets started off as part of the bohemian and hippy sense of style but over the years they have become something of mainstream trend. They can be used to infuse a casual, plain every day look such as a pair of plain leggings and tunic with a bohemian flair; alternatively, they can add the perfect finishing touch to fusion, bohemian looks comprising of printed tunics, ethnic skirts and Indian mojaris.

In terms of styling, seed beads match best with more colorful, summery clothing such as printed salwar kameez, cotton tunics and knitted scarves. They can also be worn with more semi-formal clothing such as dresses or silk tunics, as long as the color of the bracelet complements the colors and designs on the clothing.