Beauty of Flat sandals

Beauty of Flat sandals

Flat sandals are essentially Indian versions of flip flops that can be worn with almost any Indian ethnic attire or western attire. Unlike flip flops, these flat sandals for women tend to be slightly more fashionable as they have either embroidery work done on them or may have stones embedded on to them. These sandals are widely preferred as they tend to provide a lot of comfort to the person wearing them by not adding physical stress onto the heels and shins, leading to aching feet later. Working professionals in their twenties as well as college students are most often seen wearing this form of footwear. One of the reasons for this is that it adds ease to a daily commute that can be quite harrowing, which is what makes them so popular within this specific age group. Another reason for this is that they tend to compliment Indian ethnic outfits as well as indo western and completely western garments so this makes them an extremely flexible form of footwear that can be paired with almost anything one desires. As women today prefer the fusion of fashion over choosing one specific style, women’s flat sandals tend to fit the bill perfectly.

Like almost any other type of footwear, these shoes are found in a lot of variety that are designed while keeping in mind the fashion trends in India as well as throughout the world. Of these, the most popular forms are the kohlapuri chappals and the scissor flats. Kohlapuri shoes are a type of cute flat sandals that end with a ring formed around the toe. From this ring, a strap runs along the length of the foot and is either wrapped around the ankle for support or ends before the ankle, meeting the sole of the shoe on either sides. These shoes sometimes have interesting embroidery on the straps as they tend to be a little thicker than regular straps. They may also have bells or stones on them. Scissor flats are modeled on the shape of regular flip flops with elements that echo Indian designs on the strap. Gladiator flats are also an extremely popular form of flat sandals and are inspired by the gladiator heels that were prominently seen on international runways just a few years ago. Ladies flat sandals are one of the most worn forms of footwear in India.

Pair Flat Sandals with Anything

The beauty of flat sandals lies essentially in their versatility as this type of footwear can be worn with almost anything and everything. Mostly commonly, these are paired with the traditional salwar kameez suits which usually require slightly dressy flat sandals to add to the ethnic look. Most women prefer matching the tone of the outfit with that of the shoes as the entire look is then in sync with each other. However, younger women also like to experiment with color blocking or even mixing and matching so the choice depends only on the aesthetic preferences of the individual itself. Similarly, with Indian attire such as an anarkali, women prefer wearing kohlapuri chappals as they have an extremely ethnic look about them. Usually, flat sandals are avoided when it comes to wearing a saree as high heeled shoes tend to compliment the overall fall of the garment and this look cannot be achieved with flat footwear. With indo-western attire like kurtas and skirts, any form of flat footwear is acceptable as long as it matches the outfit well.

When it comes to wearing western attire, style conscious women prefer pairing either black flat sandals or white flat sandals which match well with most colors and hues. However, more adventurous women either go in for sandals that look more ethnic to create an interesting mix or sandals that are extremely unique and guaranteed to stand out such as leather sandals or metallic flat sandals. The latter of the two is appreciated more as it becomes easier to match metallic street jewelry and complete the ensemble without much effort. This type of footwear, however, is not just restricted for casual wear.

Flat sandals have been designed for women to wear during formal occasions as well. Out of these, some of the most popular styles are bridal flat sandals and wedding flat sandals. The former are intended for the bride herself and can be classified as dressy flat sandals as they are heavily embroidered and embedded with stones and mirror work and so on to add to the glamorous look of the bride. The latter can be worn by guests as they are extremely heavy and well decorated and designed as well however, not as much as those of the bride’s. These can be color-coordinated with the rest of salwar kameez or lehenga choli, or with the bag and the accessories.