Stylish Pumps Footwear

Stylish Pumps Footwear

Pumps footwear is one of the most popular and commonly worn types of shoes in western culture. In the classic form, pump footwear consists of a closed back shoe with a low cut front that ends closer to the toes and leaves the vamp open and free without any fastening. There is some amount of heel in the modern version of ladies’ shoes, where the pumps are no exception. In fact, they always come with a heel varying in length from 1 inch to 4 inches. Nowadays, it is quite commonplace for an ankle strap or mary-jane strap getting added to the design. This type of shoe was first worn by men during the French regency era. They were called pompes or opera shoes, and had a very low heel and square front. Today, of course, in women’s shoes, pumps are probably the most widely worn variety across the world. Even in the market for ethnic shoes, pumps have made their presence felt. There is a great demand for pumps footwear with ethnic designs and embellishments.

When it comes to fancy or evening wear shoes, pumps, heels and ballet flats are probably the most popular options. Out of these, pumps get the most preference as they present the perfect balance of comfort and style. Though they have enough heels to add some height, create a stylish silhouette and elevate the drape of the dress, the heels are not so high so as to cause discomfort or be difficult to walk around in. They are available in many different designs and styles, from simple, chic and western to dazzling and ethnic. Women can pick and choose from different shapes, designs and colors. Many fashionistas often have an entire collection of designer shoes, pumps being the main attraction.

The heel on these shoes can vary from the comfortable and cute kitten heels to the stylish yet manageable middle height heels. The shape of the shoe can also vary, from round toe, square toe, pointed toe to open toe or peep toe. The look can be further altered by the addition of some ankle straps or fastenings, which add a subtle touch of sophistication to the shoe.

These are often the preferred shoes for a fancy occasion like a party, wedding or festival, where formal dressing and flexibility of movement are essential requirements. They are typically made of patent leather, which has a smart, gleaming look and goes best with formal clothes. These classic leather pumps footwear would be typically reserved for parties, while for more formal occasions like a wedding, shoes, pumps and all type of footwear for women is usually covered in softer, more feminine materials like silk or satin. When it comes to formal varieties like bridal shoes, pumps are often created specially to match the dress design and fabric. Hence, the shoes may have some lace, bows, ribbons and embroidery as well. More affordable varieties can also be made of fake leather, pleather, plastic and so on.

Pumps footwear comes in all kinds of colors. The classic shades like brown, black, grey, white and beige rule the roost because they are chic and versatile. You can easily pair them up with different types of outfits and are quite a worthy investment. On the other hand, a gleaming pair of pumps in a shade that matches the color of the dress is a great way to make a bold fashion statement. Women can also opt for ethnic inspired pump footwear decorated with bedazzling stones, sequins, crystals and beads work and/or embroidered designs. Ethnic motifs such as flowers, peacocks, trees and leaves are often prominently displayed on such shoes. Alternatively, a simple bow or jeweled shape can be added to the shoe for enhancing its beauty and appeal.

Styling and Trends in Pumps Footwear

Pumps shoes are one of those classy and highly voguish fashion items that never really go out of style. Their versatility and style makes many women regard these as wardrobe staples. They can be paired up with ethnic and western style outfits owing to their simple and elegant look. In ethnic fashion, pump footwear is a popular type of footwear to pair with all types of sarees. This is because the drape and fall of the saree is best matched with a pair of heels, but anything too high or difficult to manage can really ruin the look and make the wearer uncomfortable. For this very reason, they are also worn with lehenga cholis and floor length anarkali salwar kameez. Women can match the color of the outfit with the footwear, or they can pair up the color of the designs or prints on the outfit with the color of the footwear. For instance, gold work sarees can be worn with gold color pump footwear while silver work lehengas can be paired with silver toned pumps shoes.