Variety of Peep Toe Wedges

Variety of Peep Toe Wedges

Footwear has always been a huge part of fashion and style. It is considered the most important accessory to any outfit as it is not only a practical necessity but can also add style and sizzle to any look. In footwear, just as in clothing styles, the fashions change with the seasons and every few years newer varieties are introduced in the market to appeal to modern fashionistas. In recent times, peep toe wedges have become extremely popular. Though they are relatively modern they have become an instant fashion classic and are considered wardrobe must-haves in countries around the world.

Peep toe wedge shoes are essentially shoes that, as the name suggests, combine the front peep toe design with the wedge heel. This means that from the front, the shoe is cut in a circular shape that leaves the toes visible. Typically, this is combined with a tapering round or v-shaped front where a small curved strip runs across the lower vamp but leaves the toes visible. This peep toe design is complemented with the chunky looking wedge heel. Here, the one piece of material serves as the sole and the heel. The heel, rather than being in the form of a single chunk at the heel, continues in a tapering form all the way till the front of the shoe.

Women’s peep toe wedges are extremely attractive and unique in their look. They create the perfect balance between comfort, style and glamour as they are quite trendy without being too uncomfortable to wear. Also, peep toe wedge heels are very versatile. They can easily be mixed and matched with different kinds of outfits, both Indian and western, and would be considered appropriate for formal as well as casual wear, as long as they complement the outfit in question.

Ladies’ peep toe wedges come in a wide variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Most of them have heels of at least 3 inches or more, though a few of the casual wear types might come with heels of 1-2 inches. The whole point of wedges is that the heel and the sole are made of one continuous material so having a short heel would defeat the purpose. That said the low-heeled varieties of peep toe wedges are nevertheless popular for beach and casual wear because of their comfort. The designs can also vary in terms of the over-all shoe design. From criss-crossing straps across the vamp to classy buckled ankle straps, from dramatically pointy v-shaped shoes to the classic u-shaped fronts, there are many design varieties to choose from.

A new and exciting trend is that of the peep toe wedges booties, which, like booties, cover the entire foot except for the peeping toes which creates a very stylish, fashion forward look. A peep toe wedge boot can come in as many varieties as the regular boots or booties. From thigh highs to ankle lengths, from buckled straps to zips and buttons, different types of patterns can be added to this type of shoe. It is particularly favored during autumn months, as it creates warmth without restricting the foot in the same way a proper boot would.

The peep toe wedges that come with high heels or a bootie like designs are usually designed for formal occasions and are typically paired only with fancy outfits. They are made of beautiful, exclusive materials like real leather, suede, patent leather, silk, satin and so on. There are also many cheap peep toe wedges that can be found for casual wear; these are usually made of faux leather, wood, cork and other cheaper materials and tend to have a lower heel.

Both formal and casual wear peep toe wedges can come with different types of patterns, from pretty bow and flower motifs made with the same base material as the shoe to elaborate embellishments made with crystals, sequins, stones and other stuck on materials. In terms of colors, the variety is limitless as women will find peep toe wedges in different shades such as blue, yellow, red and green to precisely match different dresses. They can also come with prints of polka dots, animal stripes, and abstract shapes and so on.

Stylish Peep Toe Wedges

Peep toe wedges have become hugely trendy, not just in western fashion, but also in India. They are often paired up with sarees because of their effortless combination of comfort and style, which is just what a saree needs. Designers are even coming up with new, ethnic types of peep toe wedges with colorful embroidered or embellished designs to match with party wear sarees and lehenga cholis. At the same time, a versatile pair of black peep toe wedges is also a great investment as it can match with different types of kurtis, kurtas and salwar kameez. The same goes for white peep toe wedges which are a great summer wear footwear option.