Exquisite Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Exquisite Pearl Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to bridal fashion, both the garments and the jewelry are some of the most exquisite and opulent items seen in the market. As they are meant to be worn by the bride and not any guests (the latter can choose from wedding collections but not bridal ones), they are visually stunning, rich and extremely heavy. In a typical Indian wedding, there are usually many ceremonies and functions and all of them are equally important. Brides tend to choose different visual aesthetics for different days in order to create a variety of looks and auras.

In terms of contemporary jewelry, pearl bridal jewelry is the latest addition to collections of gems that can be worn by brides. There are different kinds of pearl bridal jewelry sets that can be worn for different occasions within the wedding week. As some of the occasions range from being slightly semi formal to completely formal, there are many different kinds of styles to choose from. In order to create an interesting look that is also appropriate for the event that it is being worn for.

For instance, for the sangeet, most brides choose to wear an ensemble with a fun aura as the night includes a lot of dancing. This means that while the jewelry should be opulent, it should also be designed in a way that exudes this aura. One of the best ways to incorporate pearl bridal jewellery into such an ensemble is to wear a large ring that is made of pearls or has pearls as the center piece. Large rings are very much in vogue at the moment and women usually wear one large ring as opposed to a collection of a few small ones on their hands. Another way to incorporate them for a sangeet look is to wear pearl bridal earrings that are heavy and long. Dangling earrings look great with a sangeet look.

For a semi formal day look for the mehendi ceremony, wearing a simple yet elegant pearl bridal necklace is a good idea. A necklace with multiple strings of pearls or even a single string can look great during the day time and can make the bride look extremely elegant. It’s best not to overdo the look with many other pieces of jewelry because that can be too flashy for the day.

For a formal look, a pearl bridal set can be worn by the bride on the wedding day. This will generally include all types of jewelry items such as heavy and intricate necklaces, nose rings, earrings and even finger rings. This is perfectly fine as an aesthetic because brides are expected to wear intricate sets of jewelry on their wedding day and are known for even sometimes wearing more than one set at a time. There are also mixed sets that include pearls as well as precious gems in order to create an interesting look that incorporates more than one aesthetic. Many of the traditional Indian jewelry sets and pieces incorporate pearls in their design. For instance, Kundan sets often feature pearls very prominently along with other gems and stones. In the Maharashtrian nath or nose-ring, the pearl is the main stone used. Typically, gold is the preferred base material as this is most auspicious metal in Hindu culture. Modern brides sometimes opt for silver or platinum pearl bridal jewellery to match with their unconventional bridal attire.

Styling with a Pearl Bridal Jewelry Set

When it comes to pairing pearl bridal jewelry sets with different garments, one can create a variety of looks for different occasions throughout the wedding days. There are various types of Indian ethnic garments that can be paired with this style of jewelry on the basis of ceremonies.

For an interesting cocktail look, women can pair an elaborately embroidered anarkali suit along with pearl rings to create the right aura. Footwear in the form of high heeled shoes such as lovely sandals can look great with this outfit.

For a mehendi look, brides can pair light pearl necklaces along with a silk salwar kameez set which can look really great. It is customary to wear pretty bangles along with any garment on the mehendi day and modern brides, while trying to create a slight contemporary look with the outfit tend to pair heavy Indian bracelets that are known as kaddas along with their outfits as well. With this garment, women have the option to wear embroidered juttis or even flat metallic flip flops as they both look great. However, since this is still a semi formal event, high heeled sandals are preferred.

Finally, for the wedding, proper bridal lehengas should be worn. Many of these garments come with matching silk pouches or different types of Indian handbags that may match the outfit. These can be embroidered bags, cutdana handbags or moti work handbags as well as other types.