Fantastic Open Toe Heels

Fantastic Open Toe Heels

Open toe heels are shoes that reveal all the toes and also have heels on them. These can have either small heels or tall ones, depending on the style of the shoe and are therefore, not characterized by the style or length of the heel. These kinds of shoes are extremely versatile because they can be paired with almost any garment, whether Indian, indo-western and western attire. The style itself is essentially neutral in the terms of overall aesthetics.

Many women like to pair black open toe heels with their garments because the color itself can go with anything else and also because it lends a slightly formal air to the entire ensemble. It is not uncommon so see people wearing this in the professional environment. Anyone looking to exude a formal yet interesting air in an office situation usually resorts to these kinds of shoes and it works quite well at the end of the day. On the other hand, a more fun version of the shoes such as red open toe heels can usually be seen at social events or gatherings or even in work environments where the dress code is not too strict. These shoes are a great way to break the monotony of a monochromatic outfit or a single shade outfit in an interesting and unique manner. More often than not, these are worn by women who are looking to stand out in the crowd as opposed to blend in and be a part of a faceless sea of people making their way to work. The same, albeit slightly muted or toned down, effect can be achieved with the help of white open toe heels as well so that’s a great option for people who don’t want to wear red open toe heel.

For party wear, strappy open toe heels are one of the most popular types of heels that are worn by women as they help create a slightly sexy look. They also tend to look better with garments that are meant to be worn for parties or social events. Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to burn a hole in the wallet just to own one of these gorgeous pairs of shoes. Cheap open toe heels are quite easy to find in the market.They are comfortable and also look quite fantastic.

For a daytime look that is meant to be slightly casual, (You can wear) such as an ensemble to brunch. Women are known to pair cute open toe heels with their attire so that the right aura can be exuded easily. These are usually made with fabrics like straps and may have floral prints on them. Other styles include the ever popular wedge heels that are not only incredibly adorable but are also quite easy to walk in at the end of the day.

Thus, when it comes to women’s open toe heels, there is more than one specific kind of shoe or style of shoe to choose from. These shoes can be used in order to create a variety of different looks that are completely suitable for night events, casual events, day events as well as the work environment and all one has to do is pair them with the right kinds of outfits from the wardrobe. As shoes can essentially make or break the entire look, it is important to ensure that a certain amount of thought it put into the entire process of dressing up.

Styling with Open Toe Heels

Open toe heels can be paired with a variety of different outfits to create interesting looks that are appropriate for varied social events, including both casual ones and formal ones. It is important to note that Indian ethnic attire as well as indo western garments and western garments can look great with these. For instance, an embroidered anarkali suit can be paired with strappy heels well because these really accentuate the length and flare of the long kurta, which is the one of the major highlights of these kinds of suits.

On the other hand, a trendy black dress can be paired well with red open toe heels to create a striking visual imagery that will look great. Along with an interestingembroidered handbags or stone studded clutch, this look can be absolutely amazing when worn for a social event at night.