Beautiful Beaded Earring

Beautiful Beaded Earring

Earrings are one of the most beautiful and exciting types of jewelry. They have been worn in cultures around the world for many centuries, which has consequently resulted in the evolution of a million varieties and styles. India, in particular, boasts of many beautiful types of earrings made using special techniques and designs, which are unique to their region of origin. One such immensely popular variety with ancient roots is the metal bead earring.

Beads have been used in an ornamental capacity since the time immemorial. They are simply spherical pieces of metal, wood or any other available material, which are usually strung or attached to form a chain or pattern. Metal beads have been used in jewelry since men discovered metals although the rudimentary designs used thousands of years ago are no longer used. Instead, the metal bead earrings seen today come in many delicate and glamorous avatars, which is perfect for a variety of occasions from casual gatherings to formal parties and weddings.

Metal beads hold a special significance in Indian culture. They are considered lucky and are supposed to bring peace, calmness and serenity into an individual’s life. Many people choose to wear beaded metal earring and necklace sets made with their auspicious metal in accordance with their astrological narrative. This is done to invite success and good health to their life.

Beaded earring patterns can vary tremendously depending on the roots and source of the jewelry, and the aesthetic perspective of the designer. You can find great traditional varieties and modern versions. For instance, intricate beaded earring patterns made with multiple, tiny beads of the same size is extremely popular in Indian culture. Such earrings can take many different forms, from the typical bell shaped jhumkas to the mango like paisley shape, from various flower-inspired motifs to artistic, geometric stylizations. Beads of different hues can be combined to create a brilliant, multi-hued effect for the piece of jewelry. Sometimes, beads of different sizes are also used to add another dimension. Using mismatched beads also adds a very bohemian, funky vibe which has become extremely popular with young people today. Beads can also be used to decorate other traditional forms of Indian jewelry such as Polki, Thewa, Kundan or Meenakari. Each of these has a very unique look created using specific techniques; the beads are usually not the center piece of the outfit, but the additional ornament. On the other hand, with certain specific jewelry pieces like the Maharashtrian nath, beads are an essential part. The nath is a type of nose-ring in which clusters of tiny, white beads (which are sometimes pearls) stud the entire piece, along with colorful stones of different shapes.

Different types of metals can be used to create these beads. In India, gold is considered the most auspicious and divine metal, which is why people love to don jewelry, made of gold for special occasions like weddings. However, silver is also very popular, not only because it is aesthetically pleasing but also because it is much more cost-effective than gold. Other popular metals used in India to create metal earrings of all types include bronze, brass and copper. Oxidized versions of these metals are also popular in certain regions like Gujarat and Rajasthan. These metallic beads have a very earthy look because of the blackened surface of the metal.

Many jewelry designers in India are choosing to create gorgeous jewelry pieces that incorporate western aesthetics with Indian designs. For instance, metal beads drop earrings have become quite popular as an evening wear accessory. They have a unique fusion look and can be paired with Indian, western and indo western outfits. Such earrings can be made with tiny beads grouped together to stud a drop shaped ornament, or the drop itself can be made of one or more large sized beads. On the other end of the glamour scale are the simple metal bead stud earrings. These are usually small in size, composed of a single beads or a tiny bead studded ornament. It sits snugly in the ear lobe and does not extend beyond it.

Beaded Earring Styles and Trends

Metal beads have been in vogue for centuries and as such, they are evergreen jewelry items. However, designers are constantly creating newer designs and patterns to catch the fancy of today’s fashionistas. This is why you can find traditional and ultra-modern varieties in any metal beaded earring collection.

This type of jewelry can be worn with a variety of Indian as well as western outfits. An elaborate gold beaded hoop earring and pendant set would be the perfect accessory with a chiffon tunic with metallic work along the borders and sleeves. Simple metal bead stud earrings in silver and bronze can be paired with casual salwar kameez. Beaded drop and stud earrings would pair beautifully with evening wear anarkalis and sarees.