Exciting Ladies Bellies’ Footwear

Exciting Ladies Bellies’ Footwear

Belly shoes are essentially flat shoes with a close-toed and close back design, inspired by the shoes worn by ballerinas called ballet slippers. In fact, the name of ‘belly’ footwear is derived from the word ballet. Ballet is an extremely difficult and technical dance form, involving complicated movements and especially complicated footwork, achieved by creating maximum flexibility for the foot. Ballerinas are known for their seemingly impossible gracefulness and elegance and the shoes they wear play a huge part in promoting the perfect silhouette and balance for them. Today’s bellies’ shoes are evolved from the classic slippers of these graceful ballerinas. The main difference between the two is that one is strictly utilitarian while the other is strictly for fashion.

What this means is that bellies footwear is available in a lot more variety and types than the classic ballet slippers. It is not just the variety of choices that attracts women; bellies for women are also extremely comfortable and versatile. They can simply be slipped on and the lack of heel and comfortable, airy fit makes them adapt to the foot beautifully. They are also very versatile and can be worn with all types of casual wear looks. For most women, belly shoes are a great way to combine flexible comfort with style and trends. A ladies belly can come in a plethora of colors and designs, often inspired by the latest trends in footwear.

Many different materials can be used to make women’s belly shoes, from leather and suede to beautiful textiles wrapped around hard base materials. The simplest and most affordable varieties are made of affordable fake leather. The luxurious moccasin like pure leather varieties can also be used in daily wear, despite their high cost, as their purity makes them more durable. Bellies shoes for women can also boast of many different colors and designs, depending on the materials used to make them. For instance, leather shoes can be in the classic earthy brown shade, or they may be covered in a cloth which is dyed into a brighter shade such as neon yellow or pastel green. Plastic shoes often come in attractive neon shades and their distinctive sheen and water proof nature makes them a great choice for rainy days. On the other hand, suede shoes have a very classy look and are often worn for more formal events. Various prints and designs such as checks, dots and stripes can be used to cover the shoe; alternatively, simple and appealing motifs of flowers and fruits can also be added. There are also many ethnically inspired bellies for girls that come with intricate, embroidered designs made using Indian techniques like Resham and zari work. There are also many varieties of the latest bellies footwear that have an indo western look, combining exquisite Indian techniques with modern or western motifs. Designer bellies are the most exclusive of the lot and often make use of metallic embellishments, delicate beaded designs, innovative and chunky additions to the arch and so on.

Belly shoes for girls can also vary on the basis of their shape and cut. The classic and most popular design closely resembles ballet slippers; it has no heel, comes with a band across the arch of the foot and covers almost the whole front portion of the foot. One can also find criss-cross bands, asymmetrical borders and other such cuts which can add a bit of visual flair to the shoe. The front of the shoe can be rounded, square shaped, rectangular shaped or pointed and some varieties of belly shoes may even come with low heels up to 1 inch.

Styling and Trends in Bellies Footwear

Belly shoes are actually one of the oldest forms of shoes in the world, but had fallen out of fashion in the last century. It is only in the last couple of decades that belly shoes have really come back into fashion in a big way. Today, they have become one of the trendiest casual wear footwear options, especially amongst the younger generations. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing bellies footwear as part of their day to day ensembles, which has further popularized them with the masses. The comfort and versatility this type of shoe offers really cannot be matched by any other footwear.

The best part about belly shoes is that they can be worn with a vast number of outfits, depending on their look and designs. Indian style belly shoes with ethnic prints, traditional motifs and embroidered patterns would pair beautifully with classic salwar kameez and kurtis, as well as printed tunics and tops. The more simple and unembellished varieties of shoes are a great choice to wear on a daily basis with office wear such as printed salwar suits, floral tops and crepe kurtis.