Indian Gemstone Jewelry

  • For centuries precious gemstones have had a mysterious power over people. Treasured by kings and queens and worshipped by ancient cultures, the power of Indian gemstone jewellery can now be explored in the exquisite range of premier gemstone jewellery with meticulous craftsmanship.
  • The pink city, Jaipur has established its position forever as the jewelry centre not in the country but is famous for its precious and semi precious stones world over.
  • Jaipur is promoting what it does best-exquisite jewellery to die for. The city with its decades of experience in colored gemstones has introduced a special range using its manufactured gemstones under under different brand names.Whether its necklace, rings, earrings, pendant sets, brooches, bracelets and exclusive designer gemstone sets you’re looking for, you get them all here. The collection also includes colored gemstones studded jewellery like leaf-green, peridots, flower-pink rubylites, sky-blue aquamarines, sunglow yellow, citries, titanic fame tantazanites and lots more.
  • Craze for jewellery is not new. Men and women have been wearing jewelry since ancient times. Even the paintings inside the pyramids in Egypt depict them wearing necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, amulets, headbands studded with precious and semi-precious gems.
  • Excavations of Roman, Mesopotamian and Indus Valley civilizations also show use of metals, precious and semi-precious stones pieces in jewelry form. The march of civilized way of life has seen evolution of Indian gemstone jewelry to give expression to a basic desire- to look attractive. Empress Noor-Jehan is known to have designed jewelry in addition to inventing new perfumes, beauty and skin care and textiles!! Although men have used jewelry in a limited way, jewelry with gem work has been largely a domain of women and has given expression to feminity.
  • Indian Gemstone jewellery adds a finishing touch to a good make over, trendy dressing and good foot wear due to the variety of colours it is available in. Also, Gem stone jewelry adds to specialness to an occasion- like a wedding celebration and a party. It is also a very special statement as a gift. Indian Gemstone jewelry is an expression of creativity and master pieces of Nizam’s jewelry collection are good examples. Britain’s crown”s jewels have always lent a touch of mystery and regal splendour. Gem stonejewelry marks the distinctness of times and cultures. The mesmerising ranges in rubies, diamonds, tanzanites, multi sapphires makes the most elegant fashion statement today.