Beauty of a Beaded Scarf

Beauty of a Beaded Scarf

Beads are considered essential ornamental items in cultures around the world. They have been in extensive use for thousands of years and still continue to do so. The popularity remains intact even today. Since men and women began to wear clothes and jewelry pieces for decorative purposes, beads have come into usage. The reason for this is perhaps the fact that they are very easy to make and are extremely versatile. They can be crafted out of practically anything. In ancient times, they were made out of wood, bone and clay while today they are made out of metal and plastic.

Beaded designs are used to embellish a wide variety of fabrics, which can be used to make different types of clothing items. One of the most stylish in this regard is the beaded scarf. A scarf is a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the neck or head for functional purposes, for accessorizing or for both. You can find Beaded scarves in countries around the world, though the typically ethnic scarves with beads from India are the most popular. In India, beaded embroidery is extremely popular and has been used to ornament all types of clothing for many centuries; in recent years it had become popular in western countries as well. An Indian scarf with beads is naturally the most popular way to flaunt a bit of ethnic embroidery. Though it is striking and beautiful to look at, you can easily combine it with easy-to-wear, stylish western outfits. Thus, people can strike the perfect balance between ethnic and trendy.

The scarf beads used to decorate the fabric would differ depending on the type of garment it is and the style of designs desired. Thus, small, evenly sized beads of the same color are often used to create symmetrical rows and intricate, three-dimensional motifs, while you can use large beads of clashing sizes and colors to add some visual drama to the designs. The most popular and commonly worn variety of the beaded scarf is the one which is plain for the most part, with beads hanging at the end along the borders. The beads are either stitched on or attached using a spangle or some other decorative string, which enhances the beauty of the scarf. Such scarves, though simple, can be worn for a wide variety of occasions and are very versatile. In case of embroidered beads, they can be used to create different motifs, from typical Indian birds and flowers to stylized western art work.

In India, one can find beads effectively utilized to decorate a wide range of different scarves, from long dupattas and odhinis to thick shawls. In fact, beaded shawls and wraps are amongst the most traditional garments from India. Traditional, regional varieties like the beaded Pashmina have a very exquisite and fine look. The beauty of these carefully woven fabrics and their high quality stitching perfectly complements the intricacy and richness of the bead designs. They are cleverly placed to emphasize the designs on the shawls without making it too bulky and uncomfortable. Though the Pashmina is the finest beaded shawl wrap made of wool, there are many other typically Indian shawls made with wool and beaded designs which are both unique and extremely beautiful.

Thinner fabrics like silk, georgette and rayon can also be used to make beaded scarves; however, they are not strong enough to support too much heavy work. When designers want to create truly exquisite, heavily embroidered beaded scarves, they use materials like velvet, satin and brocade.

Styling and Trendy Beaded Wrap Variety

The beauty of a beaded wrap is that it is very rich, colorful and pretty in its look, while retaining its inherent class and modesty. It can be used to protect against the cold on a day to day basis and for special occasions. The type of shawl depends entirely on the ensemble in question. For instance, for a shimmering, sleeve-less saree gown, a delicate and light-weight Pashmina beaded evening shawl would be a great idea. On the other hand, with a brightly printed tunic and leggings ensemble for a brisk autumn day, a beaded crochet scarf would be the best idea. This would perfectly complement the casual look of the outfit while still adding a unique ethnic charm.

Beaded scarves represent a great opportunity to style an outfit in a unique way, which is why they have become so trendy. They can be used to add a splash of color and vibrancy to a monotone salwar kameez, or to create some balance and harmony in a brightly printed saree ensemble for office wear. You can pair them with beaded jewelry, beaded clutches and beaded shoes in matching shades.