Stylish Huggie Earrings

Stylish Huggie Earrings

An earring is a piece of jewelry that is attached to the ear through a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear. Earrings, which are worn by both men and women, are worn for either religious reasons or to get a more stylish appearance. The simple term “ear piercing”, in most cases, refers to an earlobe piercing. For piercings that are done on the upper part of the external ear, they are referred to as “cartilage piercings”. These piercings can be carried in one or both of the ears, depending on the person getting their ears pierced. Now days, it has become a fashionable trend for men to get only one ear pierced.

Earrings are made using a large variety of materials including metals like gold and silver, plastic, glass, precious stones like diamonds, beads, wood and in tribal areas even bones. Their designs also range and differ vastly from small loops and studs to large plates and dangling pieces. The presence of earrings dates back to early history, with ear piercing being one of the oldest known documented forms of body modification. From ancient Persia to the early Egyptian civilizations, usage of earrings dates back to thousands of years. Although its usage dates back to early history, it was by the early 1970’s that ear piercing actually became a common thing among women around the world. By the late 1980’s, more and more men to started getting their ears pierced. As of 2015, it has now become common for both men and women to get one or both of their ears pierced.

Earrings can be found in many shapes and sizes. There is a large variety of designs that can be found for earrings. The most common and used type is the Stud earrings. The main characteristic of Stud earrings is the appearance of simply floating on the ear or earlobe without a visible point of connection. The most common variety of Stud earrings is the classic diamond earring that is so popular among women. Another such variety of earrings that can be found is Hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are circular or semi circular in design and, as such, look very similar to a ring. In most cases, they are constructed using a metal tube, with a thin wire attachment penetrating the ear. Another such variation of the earrings is the Dangle earrings. Dangle earrings are designed to flow from the bottoms of the earlobes and are available in various lengths that range from being just about two centimeters long to being long enough to brush the shoulders.

Just like Dangle earrings, Huggie earrings are another very popular variation that is used commonly. Huggie Hoop earings are a popular style of earring where the setting actually ‘hugs’ the earlobe. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from hearts to triangles. In India, the Bali is an example of a Huggie earring. Usually made out of silver or gold, a Bali is mostly worn by Indian men who wear it to make a style statement. The Bali, like all hoop huggie earrings, is rather small but becomes visible because of its thickness. Another advantage of wearing a Bali is that it fits closely to the ear lobe, making for a more comfortable fitting. Although the Bali is mostly made of either silver or gold, Huggie earrings can be made out of other precious metals as well such as platinum, white gold and even yellow gold. They can also be found with precious stones such as rubies, diamonds and sapphires.

Modern Huggie Earrings

Although wearing Huggie style earrings will help make one appear more stylish, pairing it up with specific outfits is going to help you finish the look. For instance, men’s Huggie earrings can be paired up with a plain black kurta pyjama for a stylish look. Also, men’s Huggie hoop earrings in silver would wonderfully complement a black Sherwani. Apart from this, men can also wear hoop earrings with formal attire like blazers and jackets will help make a brilliant impression.

Women can pair up their black Huggie earrings with a golden georgette saree to create an elegant look. They can also wear small Huggie earrings with their contemporary tunic for a fashionable and stylish appearance. Also, wearing Huggie earrings with a chiffon or silk saree is going to help one make a favorable and lasting impression on special occasions like cocktail dinners or parties. A huggie earring is also going to look great with seed bead necklaces for a complementary and symmetrical look. For special occasions that require conservative dressing, wearing an embroidered Salwar Kameez with Huggie Hoop earrings is going to make one look stylish and fashionable while dressing conservatively. Whether for women or men, opting for Huggie earrings is always advisable.