Handmade Jewelry and its Universal Appeal

Handmade Jewelry and its Universal Appeal

Handmade jewelry refers to those pieces of jewelry that have been crafted by hand as opposed to machines. It is also known as handmade artisan jewelry. When choosing jewelry, handmade options are often picked out because of their rustic charm and rough beauty as opposed to the complete refinement and precise designs which can be seen in machine made jewelry, although that has its own standing and appeal. Although rustic and coarse, handmade fashion jewelry is one of the trendiest accessories that one can boast. It has gained immense popularity amongst women of all ages, especially the younger demographics, in the last five to ten years. The most appealing thing about this type of jewelry is that they are available in a variety of styles and designs along with being affordable and reasonably priced.

Although one can always learn how to make handmade jewelry with the materials available within ones home, it is always better to go for pieces created by seasoned craftsmen. Handmade jewelry pieces created by any one group of craftsmen or even a single craftsman cannot be uniform, across the board. That is what makes them unique handmade jewelry pieces, thereby creating a niche in the market for these wares.

There is no dearth in the market with respect to handmade jewelry designs. Necklaces, chokers, earrings, nose rings, finger rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings and ear cuffs are some styles that have a plethora of design options available within them. Handmade jewelry designers have created a basket of traditional as well as modish styles that women can choose from. This mish mash makes use of different materials, motifs and styles of construction, all of which makes handmade designer jewelry more appealing than the do-it-yourself types. Although raw in its appearance, it still adds a lot of elegance and individuality into the overall look, thus making it more desirable.

Handmade copper jewelry is one style that has an old-world charm to it. It is thus sought out by a lot of women who prefer vintage jewelry pieces over modern ones. In this type, the base or the framework is made of copper while the embellishment(s) may be made from other materials. It is not only possible to use a thick band of copper to make a bracelet; it can also be used as thin fibers with dimensions like hair’s breadth.

One of the most popular varieties is handmade beaded jewelry. From heavy statement pieces to light, understated ones, multi-string pieces to single string ones, women from around the world have taken a fancy to this type of jewelry. It is colorful, trendy and also requires a lot of finesse to string together, thus making it stylish and classy.

One of the fancier types, handmade gemstone jewelry is generally picked out by women for formal occasions such as parties, religious festivities and other family functions. The use of gemstones, makes these jewelry pieces prized possessions. They needn’t necessarily make use of a single kind of gemstone, therefore offering flexibility in terms of styling and accessorizing. Besides gemstones, women also go for handmade stone jewelry to pair with their office-wear outfits.

Custom handmade jewelry is also emerging as a trending accessory type basically due its appealing aspect of personalization. The ability to have a hand in the creative process thereby tailoring it to fit their personal styles completely is one of the major aspects of its attractiveness to female buyers. This type of jewelry has the potential to be crafted in some of the most outlandish designs, depending on the preference of the wearer. Besides this, custom handmade jewelry is also a good gifting option, thus making it open to male as well as female buyers.

Styling Tips for Handmade Fashion Jewelry

Since handmade jewelry can be availed in a variety of types and styles, there are no limits on the type of garments they can be paired with.

The look of a handmade cotton saree can be taken to a whole new level with the right kind of beaded handmade necklace and earrings. Since cotton is a formal fabric which is also lighter than silk, handmade jewelry can be used to add a little heaviness to the overall look. Handmade stone jewelry is also another viable option.

This jewelry type, especially in gemstones, can be used to glam up an ethnic party wear ensemble such as an anarkali suit or a lehenga choli. While the garment remains the focus of the overall look, this type of jewelry can be used as complementary features that enhance the look as opposed to stealing the limelight.

Handmade jewelry in copper, silver and plated gold is ideal for casual or semi-formal Indo-Western attires. A kurti or tunic and dhoti pants ensemble can be complemented by excellent metallic pieces, especially if they have statement elements such as a sizeable stone or pearls.