Spectacular Gold Bracelet Designs

Spectacular Gold Bracelet Designs

One of the stateliest accessories to any Indian attire, especially those that are suitable for formal occasions, are gold bracelets. A gold bracelet bangle can be sported with more than one kind of ethnic Indian outfit, either on its own or in a set. The custom of sporting a gold bracelet is not unheard of in India and is a tradition that has been followed by both men and women from all over the country. Popular gold bracelet designs in the country are not just modern and light; many traditional and heavy designs are just as sought after. The larger trend however is that a men’s gold bracelet will tend to be heavier and broader than the gold bracelet for women, although the patterns on them are dependent on the vision of the designers. These bracelets can be found in a number of different shades of gold and purity levels, depending on the use. 22 karat gold bracelets are the purest of them all while there are many that can be found in 18 karats as well. Rose gold, champagne gold and burnished gold are only some of the many popular hues in which these accessories can be found.

As gold is associated with auspiciousness and prosperity in India, multifarious gold bracelet designs for men have emerged for all ages and demographics. When sporting a gold bracelet, men often prefer simple designs as gold is striking and attention-grabbing in and of itself. Gold bracelet for men in the chain pattern is one of the most popular designs in the country. Many younger men prefer wearing these chains with ethnic attires such as kurta and pajamas for formal occasions such as religious celebrations or when attending family functions such as weddings. One of the other predominant styles is that of gold statement pieces embedded in a leather band. One of the major differences between men and ladies’ gold bracelet designs is the use of precious or semi-precious gemstones. The use of gems and jewels is significantly less in the former variety than the latter, although both are equally appealing and have their own place in the fashion industry. The most popular gem to embellish gold bracelets is diamonds for the more opulent variety and Swarovski crystals or zircons for the affordable variants.

Among the most chic accessories in the industry, a gold bracelet for women’s fashion can be found in a plethora of designs and styles. Right from sleek, thin and light to heavy, jewel-studded and intricately designed, there are many styles in the ‘gold bracelet for ladies’ category. The more feminine and delicate designs have chic and dainty designs such as blossoms and vines as well as other intricate abstract designs. There are many more gold bracelet designs for ladies, although one of the most popular and powerful styles feature the use of animal motifs such as leopards, snakes and dragons, among others. For younger demographics, designers have come up with more playful and peppy patterns that can be featured on the bracelets. These gold bracelet designs for girls can have symbols like butterflies and hearts.

There are also men and women who prefer utilitarian accessories that are equally stylish and can make a definitive statement. For this purpose, many prefer an elegant and non-fussy gold bracelet watch. Regardless of whether it worn by men or ladies, gold bracelet watches can feature a number of sophisticated embellishments such as tiny jewels that represent the hours, contemporarily designed straps in different widths, unusual dial shapes, contrasting dial and strap colors, among others. All these elements make a bracelet watch stylish and vastly popular among both the sexes.

What A Gold Bracelet Can Be Worn With?

It is easy to pair a gold bracelet with just about any ethnic wear ensemble. For men, the ideal outfit would be a sherwani with gold embroidery that can be set off with a chain gold bracelet. This can also be complemented with gold embroidery jutis or mojaris. These small elements in gold can make the entire look more grand and bold in an understated way. a gold bracelet watch can be worn with Western formal attires as well such as a business suit, although a dark colored plain kurta and churidar salwar can be made to look grandiose with the addition of a statement watch.

Women on the other hand can go for gold bracelets in various measures of elaborateness and intricacy based on the amount of work that their ensemble features. For instance, a relatively simple anarkali suit can be paired with a light gold bracelet bangle whereas a heavy lehenga choli set can be teamed up with a heavy gold bracelet in a traditional design. Modern gold bracelet bangles with diamond embellishments can be worn with Western formal attire or party wear salwar kameez outfits that are not meant for formal events.