The Bohemian Vibe with Glass Beads Necklaces

The Bohemian Vibe with Glass Beads Necklaces

Indian wear ethnic garments are colorful and usually well-embellished. However, the women of this country have a preference for ornamentation, a fact that can be seen throughout history. There are many forms of ornamentation Indian culture has to offer, some more unique than others like the baajubandh or the haath-kamal. Among the popular types of accessories though are two: earrings and necklaces. The culture of wearing necklaces was prevalent among both men and women in the Medieval Ages, although today it is almost exclusively labeled feminine. While gold and silver was meant for the elite in the country, the common men and women of the time came up with glass beads necklaces. A glass bead necklace is not only more affordable but also gives off a different look to the wearer. In contrast to metallic jewelry that is geared towards making the wearer look sophisticated and elegant, glass bead neckpieces give off a more trendy, spunky and boho vibe.

One of the most popular uses of glass bead necklaces is to embellish an outfit with a relatively plainer neckline. Whether formal Indian wear like salwarkameez or sarees or casual Indo-Western wear like kurtis, any simple neckline can be transformed using glass bead necklaces. In the ethnic Indian fashion industry, there are certain patterns and motifs that are more popular than others. For instance, choker style glass bead neckpieces are very popular with strapless and noodle strap ethnic top wear such as a kameez in a salwar set or a saree blouse. Another well-known variety is multi-string bead necklaces. These dainty pieces are often preferred by women as accessories to kurtis and Indo-Western tunics. Chandelier type glass bead necklaces are among the more recent variants which is widely popular among the younger demographics. This versatile piece can be comfortably paired with ethnic wear as well as Western wear.

There are many style and types of glass bead necklaces that are available in the market, although a large part of the designing is dependent on the size of the beads. For instance, some of the most popular glass beads necklace pattern styles are made using seed beads. As the name suggests, the size of the bead is as big as a mustard seed and can be jaded into a stiff framework or strung on durable fiber so that the necklace can be left loose. Since seed beads are so small, they are often used in multiple strings as opposed to a single string. Women seek out these glass beads necklace designs because they add heaviness to the overall look while also bringing up a splash of color.

Although a slightly more expensive option, women from all over the country love and adore a designer glass beads’ necklace. Under the craftsmanship of skilled designers who have knowledge and experience in the industry, professional design houses have come up with some of the most exquisite pieces that have gained a lot of popularity. Besides a keen eye for visual aesthetics i.e. which color scheme can be pulled off best, designers are skilled in creating unique pieces that feature glass beads in unconventional cuts and off-beat motifs. A designer glass beads’ necklace is one of the most preferred ways of classing up formal party wear outfits such as anarkali suits or party-wear lehengas, contrary to belief that glass beads are not formal enough in terms of accessories. Due to the finesse of glass bead neckpieces, many are regarded high end and exclusive, thus making them a viable option for grand occasions. Themed accessories such as an antique Venetian glass beads necklace can only be procured in its purest form from a designer collection, thus making designer jewelry items, especially those made of non-traditional materials, a novelty item for those women who prefer wearing unique and individualistic pieces. Another possibility with designer pieces is the option to have them customized, which is why they are widely favored.

Styling Tips

Glass bead necklaces are often chosen by women as standalone pieces for the neck. It becomes vital choose a shade that complements the outfit perfectly. An easy way of doing this is to pick out a color that matches with the gemstones on one’s party wear saree border or contrasts the jewels on the anarkali suit’s neckline, for instance.

Therefore, they are heavy, bold and easily visible, thus dictating many other choices such as that of handbags. One of the easiest ways to choose a bag that complements the dress as well as the jewelry one is sporting is to go for similar hues. For instance, a blue glass beads’ necklacecan be paired with a royal blue art silk clutch bag to ensure the overall color schematics remain similar.