Gemstone Earrings That Glamorize the Wardrobe

Gemstone Earrings That Glamorize the Wardrobe

Gemstone earrings are nothing but a pair of earrings that have been studded with precious or semi-precious gems. There are no restrictions as to the number of designs these gems can be worked into. Also, these gemstones can be laid onto frameworks of different materials, although precious metals like gold and silver are preferable as they are in keeping with the overall tone of luxury and high-street fashion. These earrings are usually ornate and elaborate, making them ideal for parties, formal occasions and any such events.

Gold gemstone earrings are very popular among younger women as they are ideal for just about any ethnic or indo-western ensemble. There are options of buying heavy, authentic gold gemstone earrings as well as costume earrings made of affordable materials. Authentic gold framework earrings tend to be worn with heavy silk sarees like Banarasi silk or Kanjeevaram silk while the costume variety can be worn with just about any type of ethnic wear. The gold framework of the earring decides what shape the earring will take. There are as many takers for traditional motifs as there are for contemporary and unconventional motifs. Motifs like floral patterns, drop earrings, ear studs, spherical gems and peacocks fall under the former category and are sought out when being paired with party wear attire like Anarkali suits with similar patterns. The latter is more about abstract shapes, geometric figures, a harmonious mix and match of patterns; basically, anything that doesn’t fall under the purview of ‘conventional’. Women prefer these styles with indo western dresses like a designer kurta paired with leggings.

Another choice that is offered to women within this category of accessories is designer gemstone earrings. These pieces are meant to be more opulent than the costume variety and can be paired with a diverse range of party-wear or formal wear ethnic ensembles. Another facet of designer earrings of this kind is that many different types of gemstones can be used to create one harmonious piece. Multi gemstone earrings preferred by women who have an eclectic taste in jewelry and would like to highlight disparate aspects of their garment in their accessories as well. Although there are countless gemstones to work with, both designers and women who use these earrings have a preference for certain gemstones more than others. For instance, Swarovski crystals, zircon, sapphire, black diamond, emerald, topaz, ruby, garnet and amethyst are highly favored over other types. Many of these gemstones also have an astrological significance for many Indian women, thus making them more appealing.

Another advantage of using multiple gemstones is that the wearer gets to choose between different colors to match within the ensemble or a mélange to work the overall look. In order to make multi colored gemstone earrings in fashion jewelry, designers may use shadow crystal for white, aquamarine, turquoise, cobalt and dark sapphire for shades of blue along with peridot, tourmaline and emerald for shades of green. Warmer colors like yellow are achieved through citrine and topaz, red through garnets, rubies and burgundy, while shades of purple are brought out using amethyst, light amethyst and lilac.

In the recent times, younger women have also started to actively seek out handmade jewelry. Among the most popular in this category are handmade gemstone earrings. Using cheaper materials, regional craftsmen have come up with some exquisite items in this style. Women purchase and wear these items as regular costume jewelry with their casual wear ethnic outfits like cotton salwar kameez. They are also known as junk jewelry and can be found in every college girl and working woman’s wardrobe.

Style and Fashion Tips for Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone earrings are perfect for color blocking. One can choose gemstone earrings to go with the color of their party wear outfit. Like a royal blue designer saree with a silver metallic blouse can go well with sapphire earrings incorporating some amount of crystal work.

Another easy way to remember fashion tip for gemstone earrings is to choose footwear that goes with the tone of the earrings. If one cannot find jewel studded heels in the same color, neutral colored stone studded footwear in shades of silver, gold or copper will complement the ensemble as well.

Clutches and handbags studded with gem stones can complete the whole look. While many women worry that the jewel theme is being overplayed, but this can be circumvented. Opt for a statement jewel piece in the earrings and then ensure that all other jeweled pieces being worn, whether it is a shoe, handbag or bracelet, is not overly loud but more subtle in its look. This will also work towards toning down the glitz, if that is the preferred style. Those who like the bling, can go all out with statement jewels in the ears, hair, clutch and footwear.