The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings

The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings

The customs and traditions of marriage are similar yet unique in all parts of the world. Every country, every state and every family, especially in India, has its own peculiar set of rituals and ceremonies they like to observe. However, engagements are common to most traditional wedding customs around the world and so is the exchange of engagement rings. The ceremony proceeds in a manner where the bride and groom to-be exchange rings that have been carefully picked out by the entire family and have also been blessed by them as well as a religious authority. The best engagement rings are not only a symbol of undying love but are also charming accessories, as they will be worn every day till the day of the wedding. Both wedding and engagement rings are meant to be extravagant, ornate and breathtaking, irrespective of whether they are for the man or the woman, although the exchange of wedding rings is largely a feature peculiar to the Christian culture in India.

The question of how expensive or affordable engagement rings are is based on what they’re made from. Although one can find them in a variety of metallic substances studded with different kinds of precious gems, there are some types that are universally more preferred than all others. For instance, diamond studded platinum rings are the latest fad in the country an constitute a huge chunk of the ‘beautiful engagement rings’ category and also because of the status symbol of rings made using platinum and diamond. However, there are many other varieties in the market that are widely popular for many reasons such as aesthetic appeal, pricing and the cultural or religious beliefs attached to a particular element of the ring.

A popular tradition in India is for the groom’s family to gift precious jewelry to the bride. At such times families opt for bridal set engagement rings where the ring can be exchanged at the ceremony and the rest of the set can be gifted to the bride-to-be at the same time. While many modern, younger women opt for platinum or white gold bands, rose gold and champagne gold bands are still among the most popular engagement rings in India. Women’s engagement rings in India are still preferred in the gold hue in traditional families since gold is considered to be the metal of the gods. However, both traditional and modern engagement rings have their own charm and are an advantage when picking out the ideal ring as it gives a range of engagement ring designs to pick from.

Many a time women prefer simple engagement rings that are elegant and becoming. It is a myth that simple rings cannot be fashionable or chic and unique. Usually, simple designs have a plain circular band with a stone at the center and possibly a few more of the same or different type on the side. Essentially, the look is that of understated elegance. Designer engagement rings are the other most preferable variety when preparing to tie the knot. Featuring unconventional cuts or reinvented motifs which draw inspiration from history, these rings are a beaut and women specifically seek them out for their exclusivity. However, designer varieties also tend to be expensive engagement rings. There are other varieties of popular engagement rings such as vintage styles. Pearl engagement rings are among the more reasonably priced ones, which is why they also have their place in the market. Usually featuring statement pearls or floral motifs, these rings fall under the ‘traditional’ category.

Men’s engagement rings are a niche market of their own and have many styles to boast about. Some of the most popular Indian engagement rings for men feature thicker bands with seed-sized precious stones so that the ring looks sophisticated yet bold. However, since the custom of men wearing rings with statement gems is very popular in India for religious purposes, men’s engagement rings also showcase a similar style.

In recent times, however, couples have started preferring purchasing engagement ring sets so that both rings are similar and designed for a ‘couple’ rather than two separate people. Also, there is a possibility to design your own engagement rings, when the couple wants something personalized to reflect their journey.


As there are so many styles of engagement rings in the market, women often think about how to draw attention to the ring without being obvious. One of the best ways to do that is to begin sporting a lot more ethnic jewelry on the person, although it should not be an ornate piece but rather subtle piece. Kundan jewelry worn with an ethnic silk salwar kameez set is the ideal backdrop for sporting an engagement ring. It is advisable to pair light-colored jewelry with silver-hued rings and gold jewelry with golden-hued ones.