Elegant Embroidered Sandals

Elegant Embroidered Sandals

Sandals are one of the most common varieties of footwear in India. They are an open toe type of outdoor footwear that consists of a sole held to the wearer’s foot by straps. They pass over the instep and around the ankle. In some cases, sandals can also have a heel. The most common, identifying element of a sandal is that it leaves most of the upper part of the foot exposed, more specifically, the toes. There are many reasons why someone might opt to wear sandals as their preferred footwear choice. Not only are sandals relatively economical to purchase, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear in the scorching heat. The perceptible fashion statement is an icing on the cake, and sandals can be a stylish and comfortable choice to pair with traditional Indian attire like saree.

Sandals are one of the oldest known types of footwear, with the earliest ones discovered to be at least ten thousand years old. In earlier times, the ancient Greeks used sandals made of willow leaves, twigs, and fibers, whereas the ancient Egyptians wore sandals comprising palm-leaves and papyrus. From yesteryears to modern times, the sandal has truly evolved as a piece of footwear. In most cases, a sandal has a sole made from rubber, wood, leather, or rope. While leather and rubber are the most common materials used to make sandals, wooden sandals are usually seen in traditional Japanese communities. In India, embroidered sandals are commonly worn by people. Indian clothes, especially embroidered sandals, are comfortable, stylish, and entail beautiful embroidery. When it comes to embroidery, ladies sandals are one of the most popular mediums. Embroidery is an art form that traces its origins to ancient China and Egypt. Embroidery can be of a variety of types, ranging from simple surface embroidery to Redwork embroidery that involves thread work using red and white threads.

Embroidery sandal designs can vary depending on many factors. From the type of threads and stitching used to the base material and the kinds of motifs used. As such, embroidered wedge sandals in India come in a great variety. There are many different types of sandals that you can opt for. Firstly, you can go for clog sandals, which are heavy and typically have a wooden sole. Then there are Grecian sandals, which have a sole attached to the foot by interlaced straps crossing the toes and instep. They fasten around the ankle. There are also high-heeled sandals that one can opt for. These are a type of sandal with an elevated heel. They make it possible for the wearer to have an open toe while being less causal and more formal. There are also Paduka sandals, which are Indian toe-knob sandals. They are generally worn for ceremonial purposes, often paired beautifully with traditional Indian jewelry to create a complete and stunning look.

Apart from a wide variety of sandals, the type of embroidery on a sandal too varies greatly. As such, there are many different types of embroidered sandal designs to choose from. For starters, Zardozi work done on sandals is an ancient form of embroidery that is done using gold or silver Zari threads. Zardozi work is an extension of Zari embroidery and gives the appearance of a chain stitch. Zardozi work is mostly done using beads, coiled wires and sequins. Another form of Indian embroidery that can be seen on sandals is known as Kantha. It is a traditional form of embroidery that usually involves images of human beings, animals, flowers and geometric designs. Famous in the heartlands of Uttar Pradesh, Chikankari embroidery is another variety of embroidery done on sandals that involves using white thread to create elegant patterns.

Stylish Sandals with Embroidery

Considering the elegance of embroidered sandals, pairing them up with specific garments will help you make a positive and stylish impression. For starters, you can match your embroidered Kolhapuri sandals with long skirts in bright and colorful shades. Kolhapuri sandals are leather slippers hand crafted in India that are locally tanned using vegetable dyes, and which originated from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. For ladies, embroidery sandals go well with a colorful ghagra choli as well. Embroidered sandals are also a perfect fit for a plain salwar kameez. Another piece of clothing that will go really well with embroidered sandals is leggings. Specifically in pastel colors, leggings will go really well with sandals that have beautiful embroidery work done on them.

Women can also pair up your embroidered sandals with jewelry. One such piece of jewelry that custom embroidered sandals go well with are anklets. Silver and golden anklets in particular are a perfect match for embroidered sandals. Toe rings made up of oxidized silver will also pair well with embroidered sandals to make a bold style statement.