Dazzling Earrings for Women

Dazzling Earrings for Women

One of the most popular accessory types in India is the earring. Women from all walks of life dote over this piece of jewelry not only because it is universally flattering but also because of the amazing variety in styles, materials and designs. Earrings for women in India are a mix of traditional as well as modern designs and women often tend to mix and match their outfits with this piece of jewelry. For instance jhumkis and balis are originally indigenous Indian items that have been adapted to match with modern outfits and fashion. On the other hand, hoops and danglers are quintessentially Western, that Indian women purchase by the dozen to wear with their Indian outfits. Nevertheless, there are certain types of earrings for girls that are typically reserved for traditional occasions and celebrations and have a strong cultural connect to them.

Gifting gold stud earrings to a girl who has had her ears pierced for the first time is a classic example of culturally influenced practice in India since gold is considered to be the most auspicious of all precious metals. Alternatively, they also opt to gift simple gold hoops. However, older, modern women have also shown a preference for gold stud earrings with solitaires in them, especially if they’re married, for a simple, elegant look.

Bridal earrings in India are always purchased in a set in craft forms that are traditional to the country. For instance, women prefer Polki and Kundan dangling earrings to match with their sarees or lehenga cholis as they make use precious and semi-precious stones studded in a frame of pure gold. Designer earrings in diamond are specially purchased and are meant to be an essential part of the bride’s trousseau although not always a part of the D-Day ensemble.

When attending a wedding, Indian earrings are usually purchased or chosen in such a way that they match with overall look. Therefore, they can just as easily be classic numbers or modern ones, depending on what one is wearing. Earring designs chosen for such special functions have trademark elements of glamour like the use of gold and other precious metals as well as semi-precious gems (usually in colors that match the garment).

Besides special occasions and festivities, women prefer wearing earrings in their day-to-day lives, whether they’re homemakers, working women or school/college students. Fashion earrings have the best of both worlds – traditional as well as modern and this is why they are probably one of the most sought out accessories for daily use. Not limited by motifs or styles, they can also be categorized as cheap earrings that are high on style and trending fashion. A quirky earring design is often preferred by college going girls, while working women favor chic and sophisticated pieces.

Although earrings are pretty easy to find, women these days prefer shopping for earrings online. The appeal of this type of purchase is embedded in minute details such as the easy availability of a vast variety of fashion earrings, the preference for a particular clasp kind, the certification of authenticity for women who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies caused by imitation, sturdiness of the joints and intricacy in the earring design.

Styling Trends of Women Earrings

Other pieces of jewelry such as toe rings, finger rings and pearl necklace set are slightly more exclusive and largely dependent on the type of outfit being worn. Earrings are universal favorites and can be worn on any and all occasions. However, there are certain classic ensembles, which when paired with the right earrings, can really take the look a notch higher:

  • Jhumkis: The kurta and jeans look is almost like a staple for college-going girls, with which earrings look beautiful. When paired with the ideal Indo-Western fusion ensemble, jhumkis set with colorful beads give a very trendy, youngster vibe. To enhance the look, one can also drape a bandhni dupatta in complementary colors around the neck.
  • Oxidized Silver Earrings: Silver earrings are probably the safest choice when choosing earrings because they go well with almost any outfit. Although motifs and patterns are a matter of personal choice, oxidized silver in itself is a very versatile metal. However, women with sensitive skin should be cautious when picking out metallic jewelry pieces.
  • Beaded Earrings: The latest in the market, bead earrings are colorful and usually decorate the main motif and may also dangle on light metallic links. Indian semi-formal outfits like salwar kameez suit this kind of earrings the best. However, if the pattern of weaving the beads is unconventional, with motifs like eagles, dogs and human figurines, it is a good idea to pair it up with a designer top which has a wide neck so that the highlight of the ensemble are the earrings.
  • Meenakari Earrings: Traditional and regionally specific though they are, Meenakari earrings are ideal for those whose personal style is focused on color blocking.