Pretty Dolphin Jewelry

Pretty Dolphin Jewelry

Costume jewelry has come a long way. It was once considered a cheap and low quality alternative to real jewelry, only meant for those who could not access precious metals and materials. Today, it is one of the trendiest types of accessories in the world and the preferred form of jewelry for many younger women and working professionals. One of the reasons for its immense popularity is that it is an extremely versatile form of jewelry in which a vast range of modern and non-traditional motifs and designs can be incorporated. One such motif which has become incredibly popular in the last few years is the dolphin motif. Dolphin jewelry, as the name suggests, is any type of jewelry that incorporates the dolphin motif in it. It is, by and large, associated with costume jewelry but it has become so popular nowadays that some jewelry makers are even using dolphin motifs in real jewelry (i.e. jewelry made with precious metals and gems).

The trend of dolphin jewelry is part of the larger trend of using animal motifs in accessories and clothes. Different animals have different connotations and some, such as owls, felines and dolphins, have become more popular than others. Dolphins, for instance, are considered one of the most beautiful and appealing aquatic mammals and are much appreciated for their cute appearance and friendly nature. This translates into jewelry that has a distinctively feminine appeal and youthful vibe. It has, in particular, become a hit with teenagers and young women, because of its cute look. Amongst older women, different types of dolphin jewelry pieces are often worn by those with a more bohemian and hippy sense of fashion.

The most popular piece in which the dolphin motif is incorporated is a necklace or pendant. Typically, the design used is of a small dolphin motif hanging from a thin linked chain. Larger necklaces with a more ornate or elaborate design composed of two or more dolphins can also be found. When it comes to popular dolphin jewelry, rings cannot be missed out. The dolphin motif looks very pretty when displayed on a ring. Besides necklaces and rings, women can also opt for earrings and anklets with the dolphin motif attractively hanging or carved on. Dolphin jewelry sets complete with matching necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings are also becoming a popular choice with women who have a feminine sense of style and with those that love flaunting nature-inspired motifs. Many women even keep a dolphin jewelry box with an outer covering decorated with leaping dolphins and/or prints of dolphins.

Dolphin jewelry can come in a lot of different designs and forms. Gold dolphin jewelry, which is most often made using gold-plated metals or artificial gold (though occasionally real gold may also be used) has a very luxurious, sophisticated look. More commonly worn is silver dolphin jewelry which is preferred because it is more affordable and suitable for daily wear. Metals as well as plastic or wood can also be colored using different shades such as red, pink, green or blue; dolphin jewelry in this form has a bit of a funky look and is becoming extremely popular in its own right.

The way in which the motif of the dolphin is used can also differ based on the aesthetic effect that is desired. For instance, to give the pendants a more attractive look, the leaping dolphin is placed inside a ring of some sort. In the case of rings, two dolphins intertwining is a popular design, while anklets often come with multiple tiny dolphins hanging from a thin chain. Sometimes, the dolphins are decorated using sparkling crystals, rhinestones, pearls or beads to create a more ornate look for the jewelry.

Styling and Trends

Dolphin jewelry, along with other animal motif jewelry, is often considered a western jewelry trend. However, this type of jewelry has become just as popular in India and can be used to accessorize different types of Indian clothes and garments as well as western looks. The colorful dolphin jewelry pieces are a good option to pair with funky casual wear outfits like colorful tunics and neon tights. The same colorful dolphin jewelry would also add a subtle touch of prettiness to a floral print salwar kameez or georgette kurti.

Silver dolphin jewelry is a very versatile option that would match well with a variety of formal as well as casual outfits. With a pretty, feminine, yet understated party outfit like a chiffon saree, a silver dolphin pendant would add a perfect touch of style. The same pendant can also be worn with a simple office-wear top and trousers ensemble.

Dolphins and other animal motifs have become very trendy nowadays and are no longer considered appropriate only for young girls. They can be worn by women of all ages with different types of outfits.