Beautiful Gold Diamonds Rings

Beautiful Gold Diamonds Rings

It is a pertinent fact that diamonds are the most dazzling gemstone while gold is the most coveted precious metal. A combination of these two results in a truly gorgeous piece of jewelry that is undeniably beautiful and precious. Gold diamond rings in particular are one of the most popular types of jewelry pieces in the world. In both western and Indian culture, they are in high demand among men and women of all ages.

The interesting thing about diamond gold rings is that they are the most preferred type of engagement ring as well. Gold diamond engagement rings tend to have a large central stone (either for a cut or uncut diamond), which is set within a gold band. Sometimes, you can use smaller diamonds or other precious gemstones to enhance the intricacy and beauty of the designs. While the classic yellow gold diamond engagement ring remains an ever-popular choice, especially with couples who have more romantic, traditional tastes, you will find that many modern women prefer to wear white gold in their day to day life. White gold has a silvery sheen, which is subtle and elegant. White gold diamond engagement rings can be simple, elaborate, intricate or heavy, but each of them has a beautiful, sophisticated appearance, which makes them an instant favorite with most ladies.

However, the popularity of gold and diamond rings with engaged couples does not necessarily mean that they are suitable only for romantic purposes. In fact, both women and men, irrespective of age, can wear this as a gorgeous accessory. You can wear them in a variety of special events as well as regular life. A gold ring with diamond designs is a great way to add a touch of luxury and class to the ensemble without looking too over-the-top and gaudy.

There are many varieties of such rings in the market. The metal can vary from classic yellow gold to the sophisticated white gold or trendy pink gold. The diamonds themselves can be of different sizes and cuts, and of different colors. The most popular type of diamond is of course the clear, white diamond, which does have a uniquely ethereal look. At the same time, many women prefer colored diamonds, which are somewhat less costly and add a colorful aura to the accessory. For instance, a black diamond white gold ring has a very dramatic visual appeal, thanks to the contrast between the whiteness of the metal and the brilliant black hue of the stone. Similarly, rings with rose diamonds against yellow gold tend to entail an aesthetically pleasing effect. Such unique pieces are often preferred by women who want to wear unique, luxury jewelry. It clearly sets them apart.

The diamonds can be arranged in many interesting designs and motifs. You have simple round cut diamonds surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds and grand square diamonds enmeshed with gold designs in the shape of flowers, leaves, branches or trees. There is also a plethora of artistic settings of smaller diamonds and gold along with geometric arrangements of stones. Herein, women will find a wealth of design options in the gold diamond rings category.

Indian jewelry makers incorporate unique Indian techniques to craft jewelry pieces of different types. Gold diamond rings from India, for instance, might fall in the typical Kundan style with molten gold wrought into interesting shapes and filled in with diamonds. Another popular type of Indian jewelry is Polki, which comprises uncut diamonds. These have a very distinctive look. Set against yellow gold rings, they create a uniquely ethnic vibe.

In India and abroad, designers are increasingly making use of artificial materials to create jewelry pieces that are both affordable and beautiful. American and Austrian diamonds are crafted using high quality chemicals and the latest techniques. Along with artificial gold, you can use them to create elegant jewelry pieces that don’t burn a hole in the pocket. Moreover, women can purchase the latest trending designs and stylish pieces sans shelling out a substantial amount for each and every item. Hence, for accessorizing and styling purposes, artificial jewelry is justifiably preferable.

Stylish and Trending Gold Rings

Gold diamond rings are evergreen jewelry items. They never really fall out of fashion and you can pair them with a wide number of outfits. They are small and subtle enough to compliment day-to-day wear, but at the same time, they can also be effectively used to accessorize a party wear outfit. For instance, a large black diamond white gold ring would be the perfect way to accessorize a glamorous, floor-length anarkali with full sleeves and heavy embroidery. A white gold diamond ring, on the other hand, would sync well with sarees and salwar kameez that adorn silver work. Yellow gold rings will sync with most zari work saris and lehenga cholis.