Sparkling Diamond Earrings

Sparkling Diamond Earrings

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Notwithstanding the veracity of this statement, you cannot possibly deny the fact that diamonds are the most glamorous and beautiful gemstones in the world. When it comes to jewelry, diamond earrings are the most coveted of items, second only to diamond necklaces and bracelets. In fact, in many ways, a pretty earring is the best way to flaunt diamonds, as it is eye-catching and attractive without being too over-the-top and gaudy.

There are many varieties of diamond earrings for women, including different ethnic varieties inspired by traditional Indian jewelry design styles. The simplest and most commonly worn variety is diamond stud earrings for women. These are single studs that usually consist of a single diamond or a circle of tiny diamonds. They create a subtle, sparkling effect. On the other end of the scale you have the dangling earrings, which often have pear, tear or square shaped diamonds hanging from them. Such lavish designs are often seen in designer diamond earrings, which are specially crafted by exclusive designers with an in-depth knowledge of jewelry art and the latest industry trends.

Though diamonds are much loved and coveted for their sparkling beauty and unique aesthetic, they are also one of the most expensive gemstones. The advances of technology, however, have made it possible to have all the beauty and elegance of diamonds without burning a hole in the pocket. Synthetic diamond earrings have become a huge trend the world over. These are made with various types of artificial diamonds. Some of the finest and most well-made artificial diamonds are almost indistinguishable from the real thing and are available at a fraction of the cost. American diamonds made with cubic zirconia is the most popular type of artificial diamond. In fact, artificial American diamond earrings are the most popular synthetic varieties in the market.

A great advantage of using artificial diamonds is that the earring can be produced at a comparatively low cost. This means that designers can experiment with many different types of styles and designs, and customers can choose from a wide range of interesting options. Artificial diamond earrings come in the classic styles, such as studs, danglers and drops, as well as unconventional hoops and heart or infinity shapes.

Many interesting varieties of ethnic diamond earrings are also available. In India, Kundan and Polki are two jewelry styles, which can only be created using unpolished diamonds. They have their own raw charm. Kundan or Polki earrings are usually set with gold, which is wrought into intricate, detailed designs and motifs. Modern Indian diamond earrings with pretty floral designs have also become a huge hit with women in India and abroad.

Different types of materials can be used as a setting for diamond earrings. Gold is the most popular material in India, preferred because of its luxurious and elegant aesthetic. Silver is also sometimes used, especially with artificial diamond jewelry pieces.

There are also certain charming varieties of diamond earrings for men, which tend to have a different look and feel than the ones for women. They are usually simpler, with the cut and clarity of the diamond taking center-stage, as opposed to the designs of the jewelry piece. Stud earrings or tiny ringlets are the most popular types of diamond earrings for men.

Styling and Trending Diamond Earings

When it comes to artificial diamond earrings, India based jewelry styles are a popular source of inspiration. In fact ethnic jewelry has become trendy around the world and today, Indian style Polki earrings and Kundan studs are highly in demand. At the same time, the classic drops and danglers, as well as the everyday wear studs, have never really gone out of style. The type of diamond earring women choose to wear is really dependent upon their personal tastes and the occasion for which they wish to wear the piece of jewelry.

Studs are a great choice for office-wear, or daily-wear, and will pair well with a variety of Indian and western ensembles. They can be worn along with a diamond bracelet or small pendant to dress up a simple tunic and leggings outfit, or they can be used to add a subtle sparkle to a floral print salwar kameez with sequins borders.

For special occasions, long dangle earrings and elegant drops are the best choices. These will look the most befitting when paired with glamorous evening wear modern saree, intricately decorated & party wear anarkali suits and layered lehenga choli. Diamond earrings should be worn as the one and only accessory with a beautiful evening wear garment. Hair should be styled in an up-do and the shoulders and neck should be left bare to emphasize the beauty of the jewelry piece. To achieve this effect, go for a backless blouse, v-neck designer salwar or deep cut choli.