A Lady With The Dangle Earrings

A Lady With The Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are long, elaborately wrought earrings that extend beyond the earlobe and are typically worn for special occasions. These are considered highly glamorous because of the ornate styles and designs that are used. Indian dangling earrings have a special appeal since they incorporate rich designs and unique patterns which are extraordinarily beautiful. These earrings have been popularized by celebrities on red carpets, where they are frequently paired up with elaborate evening gowns with luxurious designs.

Long dangle earrings have become a popular accessory for parties and special occasions, largely due to the fact that they can instantly enhance the ‘glamour’ factor of any outfit. The dangle earrings are  very dramatic to look at and hence is typically paired with equally bold or dramatic outfits.


The length which extends below the ear draws attention to the graceful neck and collar bones area. This adds a certain sensuous effect to the over-all look and at the same time increases the classiness of the outfit. The lengths of dangling earrings for women can vary depending on the style of the earring. Some end just below the earlobe, while others may extend an inch or two. The most elaborate styles are the ‘shoulder-sweepers’ which brush the shoulders.

Box full of choices

When it comes to dangle earrings for women, there are many variations in design and style. While some earrings come with a single strand of metal extending beyond the earlobe, others incorporate multiple strands to create elaborate designs. An interesting variation is the dangle hoop earrings which can have multiple hoops or one single large hoop. Another fun new style is the ear cuff style earrings which clinch the ear in two places, connected by a thin chain and with an attached dangling decoration.

You’ll find many different base materials, from silver and gold to bronze, copper or brass. These metals may be enameled with different hues or sometimes encrusted with different colored stones, beads or crystals. Thus you’ll find a wide variety of colors in this category, from dramatic black dangle earrings to pretty turquoise dangle earrings.

fuchsia-stone-studded-dangle-earrings stone-studded-dangle-earrings gold-plated-dangle-earrings

In the Indian category, there are many different types of dangling earrings including beaded dangle earrings and stone studded dangle earrings. You’ll also find earrings with pearls, crystals or plastic designs set within metallic designs. Traditional varieties like Polki, Thewa and Kundan can also be adapted into dangling earrings and look fabulous when paired up with wedding lehengas or sarees.

All these different styles of dangle earrings can be made of expensive, exclusive materials as well as less costly artificial substitutes which look just as glamorous and beautiful but come at a much lower price. Options like gold plated or rhinestone dangle earrings afford the opportunity to experiment with new, trendy styles and varieties of earrings even with the everyday wardrobe options.

Trendy Tips for Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings can either be worn as part of an elaborate set with a matching ornate necklace or as the stand alone accessory with a dramatic outfit. Large dangle earrings are particularly suited for the latter type of look as their size and detailed designs ensures that no other accessory is needed.

Typically these earrings are worn with evening gowns, sarees and lehenga cholis for special occasions; however nowadays a new trend is to pair them up with more casual, modern outfits. Silver dangle earrings without any additional stones or beads have a futuristic vibe and are the perfect option for adding a dash of pizzazz to a casual, every day look or to add some ‘edge’ to a party dress.

bullion-velvet-tunic lycra-palazzoblack-dangle-earrings

Indian earrings with longer lengths are highly popular as accessories to go with ornate Indian dresses for weddings, festivals and ceremonies. They can be paired up with glittering lehenga cholis as well as sarees and salwar kameez to create a superbly glamorous ethnic look. Eschew any other pieces of jewelry and stick to a matching set of long earrings for a chic and alluring effect. A good tip is to pair up the type of design on the outfit, including the color and motifs, with similarly designed dangle earrings.

Long dangling earrings which almost reach the shoulders should be paired up with off-the-shoulder, halter neck or strap less outfits. These earrings often come with elaborate peacock motifs and would look perfect with daringly cut Indian outfits. Another major trend is pairing up accessories in contrasting colors for a dramatic look. For instance red dangle earrings will stand out when worn with a black or beige salwar kameez or lehenga choli. Dress up an orange saree with blue dangle earrings for a bold and fashion-forward party look. On the other hand those with a more soft and classic style can go for dangle pearl earrings to wear with pastel colored sarees.