Glittering Crystal Bracelets

Glittering Crystal Bracelets

Crystal bracelets are one of the most interesting kinds of jewelry items in the market as they have a unique and lovely look. Bracelets are some of the most popular forms of accessories, whether in western culture or in the Indian one. These are used to adorn the wrists and hands of a woman and can come in a variety of styles and types that look absolutely stunning when paired with the right garments. Mostly, bracelets are made of metals, either real like gold or silver, or faux, like golden-colored metals and so on. Some street versions of the same can have a base or body made of strings or threads as well. On top of this body, various gemstones, which can be precious, semi-precious or streetwear, can be hung or embedded into the metal to create different designs or looks. One of the most commonly seen bracelets that tend to glitter and catch the eye are the popular pearl and crystal bracelet. These are fashioned in the shape of the western charm bracelets and pearls and crystals are then hung at strategic points on the jewelry piece to create an interesting look.

As crystal is made of cut glass that can be colored and shaped in any desired style. These stones create an immensely interesting look and can be used for different genres or styles. A black crystal bracelet is one of the most visually striking forms of this jewelry item because black glass tends to look extremely trendy and interesting. Most women striving to stand out in the crowd with interesting accessories and fashion choices tend to choose these kinds of bracelets over other types. One of the most interesting aspects regarding these bracelets is that they can be worn during the day as well as the night quite easily. During the day, it can create an eye-catching visual effect, especially when it reflects the sunlight while at night it can add a lot of elegance to the overall ensemble and make one look incredibly chic.

The term crystal beads bracelet refers to a bracelet that does not have a body or base of metal. It is made by stringing together beads on a string to create the look and in this case, the beads are made of different colored crystals, which look very pretty and aesthetically appealing. However, most women prefer wearing multiple bracelets together to create an interesting layered effect. Thus, when it comes to crystal beads, bracelet designs or styles are not too varied and one can only create distinctive looks by using differently sized beads or textured ones. This is an important point to remember when creating handmade crystal bracelets at home. Another point to remember is that when it comes to using crystal beads, bracelets and any other form of jewelry trends to be extremely delicate in nature. Therefore this is a kind of jewelry that requires its fair share of maintenance.

In the context of astrology, these jewelry items are also used to ensure that one can channel just the right energy from the universe to optimize different opportunities in life. Many women and men believe in the power of astrology and therefore, this makes these bracelets, in a certain sense, are unisex items. Beaded crystal bracelets are often prescribed by astrologers to prevent problems or counteract the influence of bad stars, or vibes. In this case, these items are not really a part of the fashion world though one can certainly make an effort to make them look chic.

Styling with Crystal Bracelets

As crystal bracelets are available in a plethora of styles and designs, it is easy to style them with different garments on a daily basis. As these items require maintenance, most women do not wear them casually as there is a reasonable chance of them breaking; however, when it comes to young working professionals, they prefer wearing stylish items that do exude a certain amount of luxury or an aura of money, to say the least. Certain types of these bracelets can be paired with matching crystal necklaces to create an interesting look. For a party look, they can be paired with lovely cocktail dresses as well.

When wearing Indian ethnic attire, they can look great when paired with a light chiffon saree especially when one is striving to create a slightly semi-formal or casual look that exudes youth. Always remember to wear high-heeled shoes with sarees to complete the chic look. Crystal bracelets can also be great when paired with crystal work outfits such as embellished lehenga cholis, heavy border sarees, anarkali salwar kameez and so on. The same goes for more casual Indian outfits like party wear indo western tunics and embroidered kurtis.