Eclectic Indian Costume Jewelry for All Seasons

Eclectic Indian Costume Jewelry for All Seasons

Costume jewelry rooted in different aspects of Indian culture has been an integral part of the country’s gamut of ethnic costumes. However, its style and variety has evolved immeasurably. Modern Indian costume jewelry is as much about retaining traditional and conventional styles as it is about experimenting with newer designs and patterns, which may or may not be Western. Women prefer costume jewelry over authentic jewelry not only because of the assortment of choices they offer, but also because they can be worn on a daily basis when paired with the daily-wear wardrobe. Moreover, costume jewelry not only pulls the look together but also accentuates certain features, which makes it preferable to women.

Women often opt for cheap costume jewelry to wear with casual salwar kameez or other casual Indo-Western attire such as long tunics and leggings or kurta and jeans. Women can choose between rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ear cuffs, chokers and nose pins made of an assortment of materials like stone, beads, metallic finish, lac, wood, mother of pearl and a plethora of others. Another reason for the predisposition towards cheap costume jewelry is because at a lesser price, women can look stylish and trendy without much of an effort as these pieces mimic higher end items of similar design and patterns.

Vintage costume jewelry is one of the styles of this type of jewelry that has always been appreciated by women from around the country throughout the ages. The admiration for antique costume jewelry can be specially witnessed among the younger demographics in the country. Since the resurrection of traditional motifs, metals and precious gems like turquoise, women in the urban and semi-urban areas have picked up greatly on this trend. Antique-looking costume jewelry has also been amalgamated with modern motifs, which makes this type of jewelry appealing to a wider demographic.

Besides the different types of costume jewelry that are suited for daily use, there are certain styles and types that are ideal for special occasions such as wedding parties, house parties, cocktails and soirees, religious and cultural festivals and more. Gold costume jewelry is preferred universally to go with formal and party wear costumes. Women have found that costume jewelry in artificial gold and other precious metals can really amp up their overall look as opposed to having to make do with the limited real gold options one might possess due to their higher cost. Moreover, women who invest in authentic jewelry tend to go for a certain type and style which usually leans more towards the traditional. With gold costume jewelry sets, one can experiment with modern designs and patterns while retaining the same kind of elegance and richness that comes with real gold jewelry.

Designer costume jewelry has emerged in a class of its own and is loved by women for the uniqueness that each of the pieces boast of. Statement pieces of the designer kind are often purchased to go with specific items of the woman’s wardrobe, whether it is a designer lehenga choli piece or a designer saree. Besides single pieces, entire sets are also preferred when shopping to complete an entire look. However, sets usually comprise of earrings and a statement piece for the neck; in designer costume jewelry, rings and bangles may not always be a part of the deal.

Styling Tips of Costume Jewelry for all Occasions

Although fashion and costume trends keep changing with seasons, costume jewelry in and of itself never goes out of style. For the most part, the materials and construction remain the same and the motif changes according to the trends of the season. Styling these accessories right is one of the most essential aspects of buying costume jewelry.

Ornate silver costume jewelry is a staple that can be paired with a kurta, jeans and a stylish dupatta. This adds the perfect balance of tradition and modernity to the overall look. Kohlapuri chappals go very well with this ensemble.

The purchase of costume jewelry is especially heavy in the wedding season. Paired with anarkali suits, lehenga cholis and designer sarees, heavy jewelry in plated metal featuring semi-precious stones and other affordable yet glamorous materials are very popular. Colorful stone necklaces as well as designer statement pieces in gold and silver go especially well with these party wear costumes. Nevertheless, it is always better to ensure that the metal used in all the jewelry pieces is the same. For instance, a gold framework Kundan necklace will not go well with silver earrings.

Footwear and accessories can also be made to complement the costume jewelry being sported. For instance jewel studded platform heels in a color similar to that of the necklace can really glamorize the look without going over the top. Handbags and clutches can also have a similar underlying color-blocking tactic to it.