Beautiful Costume Jewelry Bracelets

Beautiful Costume Jewelry Bracelets

Costume jewelry is made using artificial materials. All kinds of pieces, from necklaces and earrings to rings, anklets and bracelets can be made using artificial and generally cheaper materials. Bracelets are one of the most popular forms of this jewelry and most young girls and working professionals like to have a wide array of interesting bracelets in their jewelry collection. The difference between costume jewelry bracelets and any other type, is that these are created using low cost materials and are generally utilized for ornamentation purposes, to match with different types of stylish outfits, as compared to gold or silver jewelry which also functions as an investment for the future.

The costume jewelry bracelet has been a part of many different fashion trends in the west, from the retro movement to the art deco movement. The primary reason for its popularity is how cheap and affordable it is, but this does not mean it is in any way unattractive or unfashionable; quite the opposite. In fact, the popularity of this form of jewelry was such that now it has made its way to the ethnic market as well. All types of Indian jewelry types can now be emulated using low cost materials. The range of ethnic costume jewelry bracelet designs is quite vast, ranging from the traditional, ornate varieties to the more modern, Indo-western patterns.

Costume jewelry bracelets can be made of a variety of materials, from artificial metallic substances like artificial or plated gold and silver to plastic-based substances like rhinestones. Beads, made of affordable materials like glass, wood, clay and plastic, are also immensely popular, along with oxidized or antique gold and silver and tin, brass, bronze, copper and metallic alloys. Vintage costume jewelry bracelets often feature artificial pearls which lend them a very classy and sophisticated charm. In Indian culture, artificial gold and silver are the most popular base materials, especially for the costume versions of ornate traditional bracelets made in the Kundan, Polki, Thewa or Meenakari style. Alternatively, many of the wooden and clay bracelets that come under the ‘costume jewelry category also feature ethnic-inspired designs and motifs. Costume jewelry bracelets design features as much artistry as real bracelets, if not more, because of the use of cheaper materials. With expensive materials, people tend to favor the time-tested designs which are less likely to go out of fashion. With costume jewelry, this caveat is not there which is why designers and jewelry makers are able to use more funky, unusual and trendy patterns and designs which reflect the tastes of the current generation.

Costume jewelry bracelet patterns can also vary on the basis of the colors used. They are often painted in colorful hues such as blue, red, green, pink, yellow, purple and orange. They may also come with gorgeous, kaleidoscopic designs made of multiple colors. Monochrome bracelets create a very modernistic look which is favored by the younger generation. Leather bracelets, especially faux leather bracelets, which are much cheaper and more cost-effective are also very versatile costume bracelets that are worn by men as well women. With leather and other such cloth-based bracelets, designs can be created by braiding or twisting the material as well.

Most of these costume jewelry bracelet patterns are derived from the latest trends in real jewelry, though some seek to imitate classic or vintage styles, while others are created as funky accessories. The shinier and glittering varieties are usually worn for party occasions while the simple, versatile pieces are preferred for daily wear. Women should ideally have a mix of both these styles so that they can mix and match with different types of outfits.

Styling and Trends

Costume jewelry bracelets are ideal investment as they are extremely versatile and can be paired up with different outfits to create different looks. There are certain classic types that women should opt for, with which they will be able to put together a whole array of attractive looks without spending too much time and money. Artificial pearl bracelets are a good choice for various formal situations and can be paired with office attires like skirts and shirts as well as party attires like dresses and salwar kameez. Beaded bracelets in different colors can be paired up with printed tunics and leggings, as well as cotton salwar kameez, to create a very summery, casual vibe. With formal Indian attire like sarees and lehenga cholis, ornate looking costume bracelets made in the Indian style would be the best choice. A simple gold piece studded with colorful rhinestones can be a good match with a western style dress as well as an anarkali salwar suit.

Wearing costume bracelets is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and flaunt personal tastes through your jewelry, without having to spend too much money.