Trendy Closed Toe Shoes

Trendy Closed Toe Shoes

Closed toe shoes are ideal for winter as they keep the feet warm. They also let women wear stylish footwear that looks great when paired with the right sets of outfits. While peeping toes are lovely and create a slightly girlish look, they are considered to be more appropriate for the summer. Shoes with closed toes are meant to be worn during the winter. These shoes are available in abundance as they create an extremely elegant look. Almost every woman loves these shoes due to the fact that there is so much variety available in the market.

One of the most popular types of these shoes is the platform heels. These are extremely well built and have an easily identifiable look that is characterized by the heavy platform like shape created by the front of the shoe and the steep high heel that is prevalent at the back of the shoe. Women who are comfortable wearing 5 or 6 inch heels should ideally wear these shoes. It can be slightly difficult to walk in them as these do not come in a shorter heel size. However, they are not uncomfortable to wear as the front of the shoe creates a good base for the foot to rest its weight on, making it easier to walk or stand without falling over or tripping. These are, therefore, the most lauded footwear when it comes to a closed toe. Wedding shoes can include this type of footwear, although they are not limited to it. Many women also like to wear pump heels with their wedding attire. These are shaped like flat pump shoes, which are inspired by ballet slippers and are accompanied by a heel. Unlike platform shoes, the heel of these kinds of shoes can be quite small or quite large, depending on the way the shoe is actually designed. These are not only seen during weddings but also at other formal and informal events. They can be paired with both western and Indian ethnic wear as well.

There are many types of closed toe summer shoes, which you can wear during warmer seasons. Amongst them, the most popular are the flat pumps, which are also known as ballet shoes as they are inspired by ballet slippers. These can be single toned or dual toned, made of leather or canvas and can also have a lot of prints or embroidery work done on them, depending on where they are bought from and what they are intended for. Many women combine delicate floral pumps with their summer collection in order to create a look inspired by spring. Some of these pumps are flat while others are available with a wedge heel as well.

However, while there are a few summer options available, winter seems to be synonymous with the closed toe. Black heels and colored heels have been the talk of this season when it comes to dual toned closed toe shoes. However, apart from these fashionable options, one of the most commonly spotted closed toe shoes is a pair of boots. Boots are the quintessential winter footwear and are available in leather and suede on the whole. They can range from ankle length boots to footwear that reaches all the way to the knees and all styles are equally fashionable. Some have an external stiletto heel while others may have a built in heel hidden by the fabric of the shoe. Flat boots or even snow boots are extremely popular variants as well.

Styling with a Closed Toe Shoe

Considering the numerous variants of this kind of shoe in the market, styling them with different kinds of outfits is extremely easy. Popular closed toe footwear like platform heels can be used to style a modern saree quite easily. They add to the fall of the saree and make women look even more elegant than they do without. Pump shaped heels can be worn with an anarkali suit as they also contribute to the shape of the kurti but are not as overpowering in terms of aesthetics as platform heels. Since the whole appeal of the outfit is that of the anarkali itself, it does not make sense to let the footwear overpower the garment.

Apart from this, there are various western or indo western garments that can be styled with such shoes. Tunic tops worn with leggings and boots is a great style combination that can keep you warm easily.

Regardless of the nature of the outfit, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to always wear comfortable closed toe shoes as nothing can ruin the appeal of a fashion statement as much as hobbling on your feet.