Honor The Handmade Art With Ceramic Jewelry

Honor The Handmade Art With Ceramic Jewelry

The term Ceramic jewelry is given to any type of jewelry made out of porcelain (also called ceramic). It has been worn for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations across the world utilized ceramic to craft gorgeous accessories with beautiful and subtle designs. Versatile, affordable and yet immensely beautiful, ceramic jewelry is the ideal accessory for the busy, modern woman with a preference for moderately ranged classic pieces.

Ceramic as a base material is essentially very versatile. This humble material made out of clay can be easily transformed into something very refined and artistic, but you can also use it to make simple, funky, edgy, bold or vibrant jewelry. It all depends on the aesthetic sense of the jewelry maker. Ceramic jewelry making is an ancient craft employed in Asian and African countries for many centuries. It has become quite an international trend of late.

Hand Painted Pendant Set in Multicolor
Hand Painted Pendant Set in Multicolor

Ceramic bead jewelry is one of the most popular and in-demand varieties. Tiny, globular ceramic pieces are painted with beautiful, interesting designs and strung onto chains. The origins of ceramic beads are lost in the mists of time but that has not stopped them from becoming very trendy in recent years. They have become a part of hippie, bohemian fashion. This is mainly due to the Asian flavor of this jewelry and its eco-friendliness. Since these beads are made from clay, they are cheap and easy to produce. They can be safely discarded in a manner that does not harm the environment. Moreover, they pair well with the generally vibrant, summery vibe of bohemian clothing.

Kinds Of Ceramic Jewelry

There are many different types of ceramic jewelry designs to choose from. Besides beads, ceramic clay can be shaped into many different forms, from geometric squares and rectangles to flat oblongs with soft, rounded edges. Paint is typically used to create mysterious, beautiful designs on the ceramic base. This smooth, pretty material shows up designs well and a number of amazing patterns and motifs can be created in this way. Nowadays, one can see everything from simple geometric shapes to Persian inspired floral patterns, delicate Chinese art work and vivid Indian motifs. The most exquisite and exclusive of all are the handmade ceramic jewelry pieces come with detailed designs done manually.

Ceramic Stone Studded Earrings Ceramic Stone Studded Earrings

You can also use other methods to decorate ceramic beads and pieces. From enameling to glass encasing, lamination to dipping in dyes, there are many different techniques employed by artisans to create interesting and unique pieces of ceramic jewelry. Each of these has a different aesthetic, though they all retain the feminine beauty that ceramic pieces always exude. Ceramic is also very malleable and can easily be carved into beautiful motifs and shapes. Without too much effort on the part of the jeweler, this material can be crafted into subtle designs with intricate detailing. These include bold animal motifs, spiritual and religious symbols, pretty floral sprays, artistic stylizations and geometric shapes. Ceramic jewelry can be both clunky and elegant; it all depends on the level of craftsmanship of the jewelry maker.

You can use Ceramic to make different types of jewelry, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets, bangles and pendants. The great thing about this material is that it is extremely adaptable. It looks good when paired up with different types of ensembles. You can use it to make street jewelry, also called junk jewelry, with a laid-back, bohemian vibe, as well as chic and sophisticated Oriental pieces. Thus, women who want ceramic jewelry will find all types of pieces to browse, from simple, minimalistic pendants shaped like a unique motif, to chunky beads strung on a colorful thread.

Style Tips

Ceramic jewelry has become quite trendy in recent years, thanks to the reemergence of the bohemian chic trend. It was previously popular in the U.S.A. in the ‘70s. Of course, the traditional varieties from countries like India and China have never really fallen out of fashion in their home turf; it is just that now, they are considered trendy internationally.

When it comes to ceramic jewelry, there is an immense range of choices in terms of jewelry type and designs. This is why women will find pieces made with porcelain to complement almost any type of ensemble. The colorful, beaded varieties would pair beautifully with vibrant, printed summer tunics and kurtis, while the intricately carved pendants and earrings would look great with georgette tops for evening wear. The ceramic jewelry pieces painted with pretty Indian motifs are an apt choice with kurtis, tunics, and indo western tops. They add a funky edge to traditional garb without ruining the overall ethnic aura.