Bridal Jewelry To Get That Dream Look On Your Wedding

Bridal Jewelry To Get That Dream Look On Your Wedding

In almost every culture across the world, the ceremony and ritual of dressing up the bride is of the utmost importance. Even in the simplest of marriage ceremonies, the bride’s attire is significantly distinctive as it serves to set her apart. In India, the process or tradition of dressing up the bride is called the sola shringar or sixteen adornments of the bride. These are certain essential components of the bridal look such as henna, various

These are certain essential components of the bridal look such as henna, various jewelry pieces and of course, the bridal attire. In fact, bridal jewelry in India is as crucial to the bridal look as the garment worn and can end up making or breaking the look. In keeping with the opulent and often ornate theme of most Indian weddings, Indian bridal jewelry tends to be very heavy and ornate. Indian brides almost never wear just one or two pieces of bridal jewellery but often end up wearing at least 4 to 5 separate pieces.

Infinite Choices For Every Kind Of Look

One of the best parts of Indian culture is the sheer varieties of arts, crafts, clothes and jewelry one can get. This extends to bridal jewelry sets as well; there are many different types and varieties in India, including not just the typical and traditional versions but also the fusion or innovative options that modern women might prefer to go for.

Every region of India has its own unique style of dressing up the bride and that in itself means that there are many different pieces and jewelry making styles for the Indian bride to choose from. Some may make the decision based on their own culture as well as the culture into which they are getting married, while others choose solely on the basis of their aesthetic and style preferences; mostly, though, the choice of bridal jewellery designs depends a little on both of these factors.

Gold bridal jewelry is probably the most commonly worn and popular form of bridal accessory across India. This is because gold is considered an auspicious and divine metal in India and is hence imminently suitable for important occasions such as weddings. It is also supposed to bring good luck and wealth for the couple in their years ahead.

Thewa & Kundan Sets

One can find a very exciting range of gold bridal jewelry designs, from the south Indian Thewa sets with predominant mythological motifs to the exquisite and artistic looking filigree sets with nature inspired designs. Gold is also a popular base metal in many ancient jewelry making forms such as Kundan.

Kundan Necklace Set Thewa Necklace Set in MulticolorStone Studded Jhapta

This is a type of jewelry from Rajasthan that is associated with royalty and aristocracy; it has been hand-crafted by skilled jewelers for many centuries and is a particular favorite for weddings because of its intricacy and rich look. Kundan bridal jewelry is one of the most opulent and highly coveted types of jewelry in the market.


Polki Stone Studded Necklace Set Polki Stone Studded Necklace Set

It is made with the finest gold settings that are pre-molded into artistic and intricate designs inspired by various natural and mythological motifs, which are then set with glittering semi-precious stones. Polki is another variation in which the stones used are exclusively uncut diamonds which have a very unique and ethnic look about them.


Meenakari Necklace Set Meenakari Necklace Set Meenakari Adjustable Bracelet

Another traditional, regional type of jewelry that is often worn by brides is Meenakari, which is made by enameling metals with colorful designs. Any well stocked bridal jewelery collection will have these types of gorgeous traditional pieces in a plethora of different designs and motifs suitable for the bride.

However, traditional designs are not the only ones available. Latest bridal jewellery combines these exquisite Indian techniques with more western, modern patterns and designs to create a unique fusion look for the bride. Brides who are wearing unconventional colors such as white, grey, silver etc. often opt for platinum or silver pieces.

Designer bridal jewelry makes use of extremely artistic and gorgeous patterning that makes each piece completely unique and one of a kind. Women can also go for fashion bridal jewelry which is made with more affordable substitutes such as crystals, artificial gold etc. These nevertheless have a very beautiful, refined and dazzling look.

Indian bridal jewelry typically includes a lot of different pieces such as necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, bangles, anklets and so on, as well as the traditional mang tikka, hath kamal, kaleera, nath (nose-ring) which are solely worn by Indian brides.

Tips & Tricks

When it comes to the day of the wedding, bridal jewelry can often be the show stopper. Brides have to be careful to pick out beautiful bridal jewelry that accentuates their beauty and matches well with their outfit, while at the same time adding an inimitable glamour and glory to their look. Typically, the classic pieces such as Kundan and Polki are paired with classic Indian bridal wear such as Banarasi sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees and Punjabi bridal suits, while the more modern pieces are paired with embellished lehengas, anarkali suits and other such trending bridal attires.