Wonderful Variety of Beaded Necklaces

Wonderful Variety of Beaded Necklaces

Beads have been a part of human culture for many centuries. In fact, historians have found evidence of beads being used for ornamentation purposes as far back as the pre-historic times. Today, they are used to make all types of jewelry types in countries around the world. In western fashion, beaded necklaces are considered to be a huge part of bohemian fashion while in other countries like India beads are still used in the traditional way to make the ethnic and tribal inspired jewelry that simply cannot be matched in terms of beauty and attractiveness.

When it comes to jewelry, beaded necklaces are one of the most universal accessories. They are extremely versatile and can be matched with different types of looks. Essentially, beaded necklaces are simply necklaces made with small, solid globes which can be made with different types of materials. Beads come in all sizes and colors and they can be strung together in different ways to create unique necklaces and pendants.

There are many different types of beaded necklaces for men as well as women. Men’s beaded necklaces tend to be more earthy and chunky in their look to suit the masculine sensibility. Large, rough textured beads in shades of brown or pale yellow and blue are the preferred base materials for accessories worn by men. They typically wear them to complement their bohemian kurta pyjama or printed tee shirt looks.

There is much more variety and diversity in the range of beaded necklaces for women. They can be made in many different ways and with different materials. In India handmade beaded necklaces are highly in demand for their exquisite and artistic look. These are often hand crafted by rural and tribal artisans who have been practicing the art of jewelry making with beads for many years. They utilize knowledge inherited from their ancestors to make unique pieces of jewelry painted and carved with all types of designs. These tribal and rural style beaded necklaces are most often made of naturally occurring materials such as wood and clay. Both of these have a very earthy look, though they can also be painted with bright colors to create a more vibrant look. Beaded necklaces’ designs often depend on the type of raw material used. Thus, wooden beaded necklaces can be left unpolished to create the unique wooden look or they can be polished and painted to create a more decorative vibe. It can also be carved with intricate designs. On the other hand, fashion beaded necklaces made with cheaper substitutes like plastic, glass and crystal will typically not be carved but might be painted. More often than not, the material itself has the color and tint that is desired. For instance, many beaded necklaces’ patterns have a very kaleidoscopic look that is created by stringing together translucent glass, plastic or crystal beads in different colors.

Cheap beaded necklaces are often made of extremely affordable materials like rhinestones or plastic. These types of necklaces can be purchased in a lot of different colors and designs in order to pair with different casual wear looks. On the other hand, designer beaded necklaces are usually much more expensive and are made using only the finest materials. They utilize metallic beads made with real or plated gold and silver as well as fine gemstone beads.

Patterns for beaded necklaces will also depend on the type of look required for the necklace. For instance, painted clay, terracotta or wooden jewelry made in India is likely to come with beautiful Indian motifs and patterns of flowers, peacocks and trees while a more modern glass or plastic necklace will typically come with western style animal or object motifs and abstract patterns.

At the moment, the most popular variety are the long beaded necklaces that string together beads of varying sizes and color to create a gorgeous, multi-hued effect. Chunky beaded necklaces with large metallic beads carved with intricate designs are also highly in demand for their exquisitely ethnic look. The simple beaded necklaces with beads of an even shape, size and color, made with good quality materials that are not carved or painted over in any way, are still considered a very classic wardrobe item.

Styling it Right

The bohemian look has become a huge trend in Indian as well as western fashion which is why beaded necklaces are in demand like never before. There are many types of beautiful beaded necklaces in the market, from the earthy and simple wooden beads necklaces to the intricately carved, dazzling metallic varieties. They can be worn with all types of outfits, from casual indo western looks to extremely formal wedding ensembles. For instance, a colorful clay beaded necklace is the perfect addition to a floral printed tunic and leggings ensemble. A pretty metallic beaded necklace would complement an elaborately embroidered salwar kameez very nicely.