Beaded Jewelry: A Game Changer For The Party Season

Beaded Jewelry: A Game Changer For The Party Season

Beaded jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry today. It is made using small, solid spheres in different hues that can either be strung together or set into different types of settings. Beads are an essential part of Indian fashion and have been used to decorate ethnic clothes, shoes and décor for many centuries. They are also used to make jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and rings.

Versatile and full of variety

The unique thing about beaded jewellery from India is that it is extremely versatile and comes in a lot of different varieties. In fact this is one of those rare accessories that can be worn by the elite and by the masses, and there are plenty of beaded jewelry options for daily wear and for special or formal occasions.

Beads can be used to create jewelry that is traditional or trendy, modern or classic, funky or elegant. This kind of versatility is why beaded jewelry enjoys such widespread popularity across the world with women of all ages.

Beaded Earrings

The beads used can be made of a lot of different materials, ranging from plastic and wood to metals like silver, bronze and copper or even gold. The most affordable beaded jewelry designs are usually machine made and intended for daily wear. They are typically more colorful and vibrant, though with a slightly more modern and simplistic style, with bracelets and necklaces being the most commonly found pieces.

The most popular casual wear beaded jewelry necklaces are the simple strings of beads (either in one color, two colors or multi-colored) worn in layers, one over the other. Sometimes they may also have a simple pendant hanging from them. Indian jewelry, on the other hand, is often hand-made by craftsmen who are skilled in the art of jewelry making. This is especially the case with the regional varieties like tribal jewelry, made using ancient techniques of twining, painting and molding.

Handmade beaded jewelry

This type of handmade beaded jewelry has a very unique and very artistic look and tends to be quite colorful as well. They use off-beat materials like terracotta (dried clay). Beads are also used to decorate more ornate traditional forms of Indian jewelry, like Kundan necklace sets, Navratna jewelry and temple jewelry. These kinds of handmade beaded jewellery pieces tend to combine precious gems and stones with beads and often utilize fine settings of gold and silver.

In India, beads are used to make all types of jewelry, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets, bangles, rings, anklets and earrings. Many accessories with a religious significance often have beads in them, such as the mangal sutra (which must have black or gold beads) and the rudraksh necklace (with large red-brown earthen beads).


Beaded jewellery patterns are often crucial to traditional pieces like bridal mang-tikkas, nath or nose-ring, ear-cuffs and anklets. Indian craftsmen are very comfortable with beads and have an in-depth knowledge of how to make beaded jewelry that does not look cheap or crass. They understand that making beaded jewelry is about much more than stringing together beads. The best beaded jewelry shows a fabulous play of colors and a sleek understanding of design.

Beaded jewellery designs for formal wear are not always traditional, ethnic or tribal. They can also be elegant, sophisticated and subtle, modern in their look but suited with all types of clothes. They often come in monochrome shades ranging from simple black or brown to bold neon pink or shimmering gold.

Style tips

Beaded jewelry has really exploded in the international fashion scene in the last decade and can be seen everywhere, from high fashion ramps to college campuses. It can be adapted into a vast array of looks, for work, parties, festivals, ceremonies, weddings or any other special occasions and also fits in easily with different fashion sensibilities.

beaded-necklace-set tunic-dress

For instance, those with a penchant for fun, flirty ensembles can pick out large and colorful beaded necklaces in neon colors and pair them up with printed kurtis, embroidered tunics and floral pattern salwar kameez. A chic and trendy every day look can be achieved by pairing up an art silk tunic and leggings combination outfit with multiple black beaded necklaces.

Those with a more traditional and ethnic-oriented wardrobe will also find plenty of beaded jewelry options to choose from. Terracotta beaded jewelry like necklaces, bangles and earrings will add the perfect touch of aesthetic elegance to a crisp Jamdani saree or a crepe salwar kameez. In fact this type of look is very popular in high society circles. On the other hand, glamorous gold or silver beaded jewelry can be worn with wedding outfits like lehenga cholis and silk sarees.