Funky Beaded Anklet

Funky Beaded Anklet

Anklets are today one of the trendiest accessories for men as well as women, but they actually have very ancient origins. This footwear accessory have been around for many centuries in India and historians have even found evidence of its use in ancient civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Anklets are considered very traditional and ethnic, which is why they are an essential piece of jewelry at important religious ceremonies and functions like weddings. Indian brides are expected to wear anklets as part of their traditional attire.

On the other hand, anklets have also become a very important fashion accessory,in the west as well. The traditional styles and types have achieved world-wide fame while the designers in western countries have come up with numerous modern variations for the modern women. A particularly popular style today that is much loved for its seamless blend of a modern look with ethnic designs is the beaded anklet. These fusion accessories are available in many varieties and are a great way for women to add a dash of fusion fashion to their casual or party looks.

Beaded anklets, as the name suggests, are essentially bracelets worn around the ankles made with decorative spheres called beads. These beads can be of varying sizes and styles which is why women as well as men find a wide array of options to choose from. From small peppercorn-sized beads to large, stone sized beads, there are many differently sized beads available which are used for these anklets. These beads can be strung on a thread, stuck with magnets or set into metallic, plastic or glass settings. Beaded anklet designs can include beads of different sizes strung together to create a pleasing visual contrast, as well as beads of the same size to create a symmetric look. Beads are typically spherical though they need not always be smooth and perfectly round; they can have a rough surface and oval shape, as seen in religious jewelry of devout Hindus. Alternatively, beads can be shaped to resemble an object or motif such as a tiny flower, star, leaf, animal face and so on. The fancier beaded anklet patterns would include smooth and evenly shaped and sized beads to create an elegant look while the funkier, casual wear anklets would include unusual shapes and designs.

In India, jewelry was traditionally hand-made and till today it is the hand crafted jewelry that is valued far above any machine-made varieties. The brilliant craftsmanship and exquisite skill of Indian jewelry makers ensure that their products are truly one of a kind. Handmade beaded anklets will have the most unique and beautiful designs, as well as the special hand crafted touch. They tend to have a higher cost as the process of producing them is quite time consuming.

There are many different types of beaded anklets’ patterns available in the market. From exquisitely painted plastic beads to simple unvarnished wooden beads, from dazzling gemstone beads to funky clay beads, the varieties are endless. There is something for everyone. Women with a delicate and feminine sense of style can opt for the subtly beautiful pearl or white colored beaded anklets, while those who want a more glamorous, glitzy look can go for colorful zircon, crystal or colored glass bead anklets. These stone, glass or crystal anklets can be pretty expensive and are typically worn for special occasions like parties. They may also come with some type of metallic settings, made of gold, silver or copper, which can be simple or intricately designed. The most ornate anklets for weddings and bridal wear would have exquisitely wrought silver or gold settings with shining beads set in. On the other hand, women can also get beaded anklets made of metallic beads. Copper, antique gold, oxidized silver and bronze are the metals that are usually used for the purpose. One of the most popular and in-demand accessories with young girls are the earthy and tribal inspired beaded anklet designs that are created using wooden and clay beads. More often than not, these are painted with different designs such as flowers, birds, leaves and stylized shapes in bright and beautiful colors.

Vibrant and Beautiful Beaded Anklet

Beaded anklets are today considered a very trendy and bohemian type of accessory. They have been spotted on the feet of models, actresses and fashionistas Many women have taken to these accessories because their subtle yet stylish look, which means that these can be easily used to jazz up different types of clothes. A floral printed kurti and leggings ensemble can be accessorized with a colored beaded anklet in a matching shade while a wooden beaded anklet can add an earthy touch to a structured tunic dress. Formal beaded anklets made with dazzling stones and beads can be used to accessorize party wear outfits like sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga cholis.