Exploring Ballet Slippers Footwear

Exploring Ballet Slippers Footwear

Ballet is considered by many to be the premier art form of western culture; it is definitely one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring dance forms in the world. To achieve the flawless elegance and effortless grace they display on stage, ballerinas have to go through a lot of grueling training which ends up testing every part of their body, but especially their feet. In fact, much of ballet is focused around delicate and strenuous footwork which is why the kinds of shoes worn are very important. Ballet slippers are specially designed to facilitate the dance form and make it possible for ballet dancers to achieve the impossible poses and movements they do.

The best ballet slippers are those which embrace the feet perfectly, providing just enough support and flexibility without being too fluid. They can be made of a number of different materials, from soft leather or satin to canvas. They also have very thin and flexible soles which allow plenty of movement, while the close fit of the upper material creates comfort for the wearer. Typically, leather shoes are more long lasting while satin shoes are preferred for their delicate and lustrous look and are reserved only for performances. Ballet slippers for women tend to come in shades of pale pink, while ballet slippers for men come in black or white; tan is a shade that can be found in modern women and men’s ballet slippers. These slippers are fastened by a piece of elastic which stretches across the arch of the foot. Kid’s ballet slippers are designed to provide the greatest amount of stability and comfort, as compared to those for adults, which have a greater spring to allow the dancer to perform more difficult steps. Ballet slippers for kids also tend to be made of more affordable materials as parents and guardians have to purchase multiple pairs within a short period of time to keep up with the rapidly growing size of children’s feet. Grown ballerinas often end up using the same pair for months or years at a time.

In western fashion for girls, ballet slippers are used as a normal type of footwear as well as specialist dance footwear. This trend started mainly with bridal ballet slippers. Many brides who were also dancers appreciated the delicate, feminine and comfortable ballet slippers and therefore decided to wear them as part of their bridal ensemble. Nowadays, wedding ballet slippers made of white or pale pink satin are highly in demand for western weddings, as they match beautifully with the graceful, ethereal and feminine vibe of western style wedding dresses.

Ballet slippers have also inspired the trend of ballet flats or dolly shoes. These are essentially flat, closed toe shoes which closely resemble ballet slippers in their shape though they may be made with different materials and are obviously available in a much wider range of colors and designs. Like ballet slippers, ballet shoes are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. They have become a staple in western and Indian casual wear ensembles, preferred mainly because of the flexibility and versatility they offer to women. They can be made of all types of materials, from leather, wood or plastic to various types of textiles or textile wrapped cardboard pieces. They can also come with some forms of embellishments, such as a bow or metallic studs, or they may come with bright and vibrant designs all over the shoe.

Ethnic inspired ballet slippers are a new and somewhat unconventional variation in the market. These basically display various ethnic prints, beaded designs, multi-colored motifs and embroidered patterns prominently on the shoe. The perfect indo western casual wear footwear, they represent a new and exciting phase in ethnic fashion.

Styles and Trends in Ballet Slippers Footwear

Ballet slippers for women are a utilitarian item more than anything else, as they are mainly meant to be worn by ballet dancers when practicing. However, the ballet slippers for performances tend to be a bit more decorative, utilizing shiner silk and satin fabrics. Though the color range, as well as shape and designs, of the dancer’s ballet slippers are limited, the ballet slippers for fashion use come in many different colors and designs. Even so, light, pastel and pale hues and subtle, feminine designs are preferred as these pair best with the delicate appearance of these shoes. Women typically wear bridal ballet shoes in a shade which exactly matches the color of their dress.

This is not the case with the fashion footwear ballet flats or dolly shoes. These come in a wide range of funky colors and can be use to accessorize various casual wear clothing items such as tunics and leggings, shirts, skirts, salwar kameez and kurtis.