Do You Own These Antique Jewelry Statements?

Do You Own These Antique Jewelry Statements?

Any artifact that is older than 50 years is considered to be an antique. Antiques are very popular in India as they usually date back to the Mughal period or can be traced to the royal court or members of the royal families from different parts of India. The same holds true for antique gold Indian jewelry which is more often than not procured at auctions or other events similar to them. The older the piece of jewelry, the more likely it is that it will be found at an auction.

However, younger antiques or antique-inspired jewelry can also be found at jewelry stores so women in can make them a part of their wardrobe. This form of Indian jewelry is seen most often during weddings as it is considered far too precious and formal to be worn for regular, casual events or formal events that don’t actually merit the use of overly exquisite jewelry.


Meenakari Bangles Meenakari Ring

Whilst preparing a wedding trousseau, Indian antique gold jewelry is one of the most sought-after forms of jewelry to be sent off with the bride. During the wedding ceremonies, most brides are known for wearing sets that can be classified as Kundan sets, polka sets, and even Meenakari sets, all of which can trace their origins back to the Mughal Era in India, making them prominent styles of antique gold jewelry designs. These exquisite pieces perfectly complement the elegance of Indian earrings, adding to the bride’s allure on her special day.

Polki Sets

Polka sets are one of the most sought after types of jewelry in India especially during the wedding season. These necklaces or earrings include a base of gold that is first poured into a mold.

Once this is cool enough to be handled with bare hands, uncut diamonds, which are the characteristic of polka sets, are placed on the gold frame in a way that creates an interesting look.

Polki Necklace Set Polki Armlet

Similarly, in Meenakari sets, the gold is the background on which intricate patterns are carved and painted onto. Usually these patterns derive their inspirations from nature and have motifs that fall under that classification such as leaves, peacocks, vines entwined as well as birds.

Women all over the world are captivated by the allure of antique gold jewelry from India, as it stands as a testament to versatility and uniqueness in terms of design, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. The intricacy and artistry that define the creation of these sets, alongside their distinctly ethnic allure, are unparalleled and diverge from western forms of jewelry. With many pieces dating back to the Mughal Era, the inclusion of Kundan jewellery ensures a regal and opulent appearance, offering wearers a timeless and majestic aura.

Trends Your Jewelry Box Will Love

Most women prefer wearing temple gold jewelry during weddings or ceremonies related to weddings, which means that this form of jewelry is more often than not paired with bridal attire or wedding attire, which tends to be extremely rich in its work. Out of these, some of the most popular forms of wedding attires that truly shine with this form of jewelry are the classic lehenga choli sets, especially when paired with a resplendent golden lehenga.

With the heavy work on the skirt, choli and dupatta, such heavily detailed forms of jewelry never look out of place and compliment the attire well. Lightweight antique gold jewelry can also be paired with wedding saris as they are also heavily embroidered and can be complimented well with the right pair of earrings and necklaces. Women across all age groups can wear this form of jewelry as it looks absolutely stunning.

Temple Jewelry SetTemple Jewelry Set

When it comes to the bride, it is not uncommon for her to adorn more than one set of jewelry, as she is meant to stand out the most. Various forms of temple jewelry such as a heavy mang tikka, necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, nose rings, and toe rings are worn by the bride on the wedding day. However, on other occasions such as the sangeet (cocktail party) or the mehendi, they tend to wear relatively lightweight antique gold jewelry instead, reserving the heavier sets for the main event. This approach complements their attire, enhancing the allure of classic lehenga choli sets, including the timeless elegance of a white bridal lehenga.

When it comes to antique gold jewelry, India is one of the most sought after destinations purely because of the royal heritage and beauty of jewelry here. Therefore, it’s no wonder why women from all over the world spend a large amount of time hunting down and then procuring them for their collection. Many jewelry designers in India are influenced heavily by these antique designs, which go on to influence the attire as well.