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Pat sarees or Mulberry sarees find their origin in the state of Assam, biggest of the seven sisters of northeastern India. Assam is not only biggest in the context of its area but it is also the richest in terms of culture and heritage. In terms of textiles—Muga, Pat and Endi are some of the most popular fabrics that Assam produces. Of these, Pat Sarees with their unique brightness, durability and high quality enjoy a special status. Pat fabric is made with mulberry worms, which are rare to find. This adds to the exclusivity of Pat sarees. Popular as wedding sarees, these sarees have found tremendous importance at weddings and other important occasions such as festivals and anniversaries. Pat sarees are often adorned with embroideries in striking colours. This adds to the richness of these sarees. These threads woven sarees are popular for their dainty look and fine texture.

Although they may appear delicate, but Pat sarees are extremely durable and tend to last for many years longer, sometimes even generations. However, they demand care and attention. Pat sarees are light in weight. Since they are exclusively woven, the craftsmanship is well reflected in these sarees. These sarees are irresistible for any admirer of art and craft. Heavy gold jewelry is a primary accessory worn with these sarees. They have a glamour quotient that you would enjoy showing off at a wedding or party.

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