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No products found for mekhla chadar saree. However, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from.

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Buy Mekhla Chadar Sarees Online & Embrace Tradition of Assam

Indian festivals are an epitome of rich culture and heritage of India. It is an occasion of celebration and women look forward to dress up as per the occasion. Bihu, for instance, is an important festival celebrated in the state of Assam and traditional Mekhla Chadar sarees is the popular attire of Assam and is worn during the Assamese folk dance, known as the Bihu dance. Mekhla chadar sarees comprise three cloth pieces: a skirt, a blouse and a long cloth piece for draping over. Skilled weavers from Assam use the famous silks grown there to work on these sarees. The unique feature of these sarees is its wide beautifully designed borders. The intricate designs are based on natural motif patterns and require experienced artisans for weaving. The lustrous texture of the material catches the attention of every one. Choose the correct color combination depending on your looks.

Mekhla chadar is perhaps the best example of an ethnic wear that has a rare blend of simplicity and beauty. These days, renowned famous designers showcase the Mekhla chadar sarees at various fashion events to promote the textiles of India. Muga sarees, Pat sarees, Eri sarees and Endi sarees are some of the other popular sarees of Assam. Most of them are made of silk and look stunning on formal occasions. The silkworms used to make these sarees are only native to that state and hence makes them unique. If you are looking to buy Mekhla chadar sarees online, look no further than Utsav Fashion. You can choose from a huge collection of sarees, bridal lehengas and other matching accessories here. The color palette is wide and vibrant which will offer you a vast option while selecting your Mekhla chadar sarees. Spice them up with scarves to look gorgeous. You can use “gajras”, an Indian term for garlands, to get a traditional look for weddings.