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No products found for manipuri saree. However, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from.

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Magic of Manipuri Sarees

Manipuri sarees are designed in the unique techniques of hand woven fabrics. These distinctive hand woven fabrics have a soft and attractive touch and feel. Additionally, Manipuri sarees come with geometric patterns and designs also unique to this region. Manipuri sarees are elegant and charming but their main USP is how comfortable they are. They are hence imminently suited for everyday or office wear. Richer Manipuri sarees in bright colors are also available, though the every day casual sarees are the most popular. All Manipuri sarees are very easy to wear and maintain and are most often made out of cotton and silk.

Shop Manipuri sarees online

Finding regional sarees in stores and shops can be quite difficult. Even if you do find Manipuri sarees at malls, the choices will be quite limited. You can instead opt to buy Manipuri sarees online at Utsav Fashion. You will find authentic hand woven Manipuri silk and cotton sarees with attractive and eye-catching patterns and pretty borders. Buy Manipuri sarees in pretty pastel shades or lustrous reds and greens. Opt for light and bright summer Manipuri sarees made of cotton with the traditional Manipur-inspired design to wear to work or for casual occasions. You’ll be stunned by the beautiful colors, interesting designs and cheap prices you’ll find if you opt to buy Manipuri sarees through online shopping.

Get ethnic jewelry to match your elegant Manipuri sarees

Cotton Manipuri sarees blend well with antique Indian jewelry as well as terracotta and dokra necklace sets and wooden bangles. Go for elegant silver necklaces and metallic bangles to wear with lustrous silk sarees. Remember that these simple sarees should not be overwhelmed with a lot of ornate jewelry.