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Look Glamourous in Indian Weddings with Kundan Work Sarees

The popularity of hand embroidered sarees is not just restricted to India but have spread across the world. Some of the popular embroideries of India comprise zari work, kundan work, zardosi work and many more. Kundan work refers to work done using various shapes and sizes of semi-precious stones. Kundan is popularly used to adorn sarees, jewellery and handbags. Kundan work sarees are popular as wedding wear sarees because of the elegance and grandeur associated with them.

The designs of these sarees are done using thin golden wires and precious Kundan stones. The work includes cutting the stones finely by polishing them first and inserting golden thin wires through them to complete the design. For wedding occasions, Kundan work lehengas are highly in demand among young women. Not only are they beautiful, they also depict affluence. Two cities of Rajasthan, Bikaner and Jaipur are renowned for designing these sarees and lehengas.

In recent times, there has been a surge in the shopping of Kundan work sarees. People search for these sarees because they look vibrant and are done in a variety of colors. Now, one can buy Kundan work sarees online at Utsav Fashion in a variety of styles and colours. Kundan work is often used in modern and traditional banarasi saree weaves to create unique designs. Most Indian designers have experimented a great deal with Kundan work sarees, especially for bridal wear sarees and wedding wear sarees. Mostly, Kundan work sarees replicate work done on Kudan jewellery with precious stones. The beauty and charm of Kundan work sarees and jewelry is royal. Therefore, it has gained prominence as wedding wear sarees. Also popular as Jadau work, these sarees made use of other high end elements such as velvet borders, net borders or hand embroidered pallus.